Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Split Rumors Are Absolutely 'Ridiculous'

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kourtney kardashian scott disickAs if Khloe filing for divorce from Lamar wasn't enough harrowing news from the Kardashian Kamp this week, rumors started flying yesterday that Scott Disick has moved out, is living in the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel, and was spied with an "exotic-looking" woman "in her 20s" by a hotel patron. "The way he touched her and the way they looked at each other suggested they were a lot more than friends," the snoop told InTouch. Oh no!

Thankfully, just a few hours after the gossip started churning, Kourtney's rep jumped to the rescue to set the record straight.

She stated that Kourtney and Scott are doing just fine, and there is no truth to rumors that they're having relationship trouble. And she went on to call the report about Scott moving into a hotel "ridiculous." Whew!

It also seems to add up, because as E! points out, Mason and Penelope's parents have been photographed together quite a few times this week -- once on a dinner date Saturday night. It definitely didn't look like there was any trouble in paradise, as Kourtney clung to Scott's arm as they exited the restaurant.

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Sounds like there's really no trouble at all in Scott and Kourtney's unmarried paradise ... It's actually kinda sick that these rumors are popping up now, like this gossip stemmed from schadenfreude in seeing more than one Kardashian sister going through horrible heartache. One is enough for me, thanks!

That said, fingers crossed all is well between these two. Not only because of their little ones, but because, geeze, one Kardashian split every few months is certainly more than any of us can take!

Are you rooting for Kourtney and Scott to hold it together?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Sure, I hope they can keep growing, keep learning, and stay together. Many times, these two have weathered a relationship storm; they seem to be pretty adept at getting through the muck. There is just way too much chaotic energy swirling around the Kardashian clan right now; for all of their sakes, I hope things settle, and that everybody can feel some peace. ('Tis the season to be wishing and articulating only positive things...!)

Shandi80 Shandi80

Don't you mean, RidiKulous? Har har, the letter K. 

Denise Carbajal

once a dog always a dog, Kourtney can do much better than Scott, he is a dweb. Let him go. I would have left his ass along time ago.

Ember Parsons

And if not leave these guys alone its the holidays there should be a law not magazines bothering any of these people during the holidays and the sad part why can't they all have a quit life like the rest off us no people spelled I few wrong omg

nonmember avatar Natasha

Their Relationship sais real Love without attatchments, attorneys

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