It's a Wonderful Life: Do You Watch This Holiday Movie?

It's a Wonderful Life

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It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is probably my favorite movie of all time.  By disclosing this fact I have aged myself but I don't care. The classic Frank Capra movie grips my heart every holiday!  

I am a sucker for happy endings. The movie's message is that every person is important, and we are all connected in ways we don't even notice. Even the smallest action can have a big impact on another person.

Are you a fan of It's a Wonderful Life?  Or do you think the movie is too sentimental and old-fashioned? If you like the movie, read on. I've got a link to an awesome article.


Time magazine's Roger Rosenblatt wrote an amazing essay about It's a Wonderful Life in 2000. I can't do Rosenblatt's essay justice, if you love It's a Wonderful Life, you'll like the essay. Here's a preview:

Most of the the time, we go along clouded by the suspicion, often justified, that we're alone in the world. Then once in a while, miraculously, we're proved wrong. Friends appear at the front door prepared to gather round and save us....suddenly we have company. Suddenly it's a wonderful life.

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