Farrah Abraham Is 2013's Most-Searched Reality Star & That Is Insane


Farrah AbrahamI'm a little depressed about some news I just learned. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was the most Googled reality TV star this year. You know who is probably more depressed about this news than I? Kim Kardashian. She is probably even as we speak dramatically falling to her knees and screaming. But don't worry Kim -- I think there's a logical explanation.

Do the words 'sex tape' refresh anyone's memory? Yeah. I don't think Farrah's "fans" were desperate to learn about her various appearances and all the gossip tidbits. I think her "fans" were trying to find a means of watching her get her freak on with porn star James Deen. This is a natural result of being in a sex tape -- people Google you. Which is sadly not innuendo. 

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It's all well and good that Farrah has earned this little award. Unless she starts turning out sexy-adult-private-time tapes on the regs, I can't see her making this list again any time soon. After all, the Internet is chock-full of so many other things more worthy of being researched. Don't believe me? Here are 5 things more interesting to search for on the Internet than Farrah Abraham.

1.) Cats Falling Down



2.) The History of the Lime

Did you know that British sailors used to eat limes to help prevent scurvy? They didn't help as much as lemons did -- but they were cheaper. They also earned British sailors the nickname "limeys."

3.) Jeans

Boot cut? Acid wash? High rise? Distressed? There are a lot of jeans out there, you guys, and a lot of sites that sell them and children that sing about them.

4.) Typhoid Mary

Did you know that Mary was a healthy carrier of Typhoid all her life? And that she was quarantined on an island off of Manhattan for years? I kind of feel badly for her! Except for the whole refusing to admit she was passing around Typhoid thing.

5.) The Muppets


The Muppets are the greatest. Your argument is invalid. 

What things do you spend most of your time reading online?


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nonmember avatar Stacey

Farrah is a freaking mess. On another note, does anyone else think it might make her daughter feel bad to know that she ENDED her mother's teenage dream? That's kind of a harsh title.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Stacey, yes, I've always thought that was kind of a crappy title. Poor Sophia.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Wouldn't turning the big 2-0 end your teenage dream? She should be happy she had Sophia, if it wasn't for her poor daughter(who will probably need a lifetime of therapy and who will hopefully write a tell-all book about surviving childhood with Farrah as her mother in about 20 years), she would have never landed on Teen Mom and gotten as far as she did today. 

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Sources please?!  Your link to a poorly written blog sited no sources neither. No sources=lie. Good job Stir blogger. 

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