Desiree Hartsock's Big Wedding Change Is the Beginning of the End

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Desiree Hartsock Chris Siegfried

Huh. Can I get a show of hands as to who else thinks it's strange that Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are planning a winter wedding? Oh yeah, I should probably mention that they're hoping to tie the knot next winter -- not sometime in early 2014.

Apparently they don't have enough time to throw things together before then. They also want to make sure no one steals any of the thunder away from their big day.

An insider told Wetpaint, "Next winter would be ideal. Both the next seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will have aired, leaving the spotlight wide open for Des and Chris to have the TV wedding of their dreams."

I guess it sort of makes sense that Des and Chris would want to wait until the hoopla over Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding has died down -- but next winter? Something just isn't adding up here.

From the time they got engaged, they've been all gung-ho about their love story being the real deal -- and they had always planned on marrying sooner rather than later.

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But if they're really thinking of holding off until the end of 2014 or even 2015, it's tough not to wonder if one or both of them is starting to have doubts about the relationship. And based on the success rate of the majority of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples -- pushing the wedding even further out doesn't bode well for Des and Chris at all.

My guess is that they are postponing their big day because they need more time to be sure they're making the right move -- not just getting all caught up in the fantasy of being one of the few Bachelor/ette success stories.

And I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I'm almost willing to put money down on Des and Chris splitting up before 2014 comes to a close. I could be wrong, but something in my gut tells me this just might be the beginning of the end for these two.

And then maybe she can be The Bachelorette a second time and Brooks Forester can make a surprise return and sweep her off her feet instead of leaving her in tears.

Do you think Des and Chris will ever actually get married?


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Wanda Daly

I hope so she was my fav bachlorette so far and deserves this happiness she is true and honest which you dont find much these days in people

Roberta Howard

No   and thankful for Chris sake.

nonmember avatar angel

yes i do they make a great couple they look better together then sean and catherine dez is sweet and honest and she doesnt allow fame to overcome her all chris and dez are doing is getting to know eachother their not rushing into it like most couples cathrine and sean will not make it bc they are moving to fast

Bev Lake

Why get married !!  They  have it all now !!!!


AprilDawn Hurst

i dont think anything is wrong with them taking things slow. You have to remember that they got together quickly so there is nothing wrong with moving slow. It's there wedding and they do not want to be overshadowed by somebody else's wedding or the new couples coming out of the bachlor/bachlorette. Leave them alone. Do not create problems that are not there.

nonmember avatar OhioOne

I give Des and - uh what is his name again BROOKS a few more weeks and it will be all over.

I live in the town where she went to HS.. YEP went to HS withher. NOT in some Denver HS.. I know where her folks live. Since she- OR so ABC Bach people have led us to believe, she picks this Chris guy, I have seen Limos pull up to her folks house withher rushing inside and some guy who OHMY DIDN'T look like Chris at all, Runin behind her, The foks door slams and we don't see this couple at all. OH tenext night at dark, the Limo will pull back up to her fokls, She runs out, Guy has a hat coveringhis face bUT again HE doesn't lok a thing like Chris. Hichis IF they have been on TV has picked each other WHY is she running in tother folks withsome MAN running as fast as h can, behindher.. ? WHY ? I sw she and Chrisis doing the 6 months LVE thing and will soon be all over.. PR will say OH We tried to make it work but it just didn't and we will stay friends for the rest of our lives..

So give it until Mach to say good bye to them.

Dee Herington

no dont think she will get married to Chris. It was not natural for her to make that marriage change so fast and she is in love with him. She just wanted to be with someone - I think she is afraid to be by herself.

Denise Morgan Kobel Wheelock

The message from Non Member OhioOne is ridiculous.  Not only does it not make any sense, but with all the spelling & grammar errors it hurts my head to try & read it.

Ann Morris

Yes I think Desiree and Chris will get married they r cute together!! N

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