Jenelle Evans' Past Decisions Are Coming Back to Haunt Her

Stuck in Reality 3

jenelle evansSigning up to appear on a reality show isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Sure, there's the money and the fame, but then there's watching some of your most private decisions go public. Jenelle Evans has learned that the hard way -- once again -- with perhaps the most personal of personal choices having gone mega viral.

Did Jenelle have an abortion? The trailer for season 5 of Teen Mom 2 certainly makes it seem as though she did. And now ex-boyfriend Gary Head is alleging there's even MORE to the story than the trailer revealed.

Jenelle's former fiance went off on a particularly vicious Twitter rant this week in which he expressed a "Christmas wish" that the Teen Mom would commit suicide so he could "sh-- on her grave."

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Take note of the cruelty of those words, because they're indicative of Gary's rant as a whole. His anger is a little odd, considering the two have been split up for quite some time, but among his allegations, Gary claims:

this is not the first baby she has killed. She should be called JE aka Fetus Killa.


Cleary Gary intended to hurt Jenelle with those words, and I'm sure he did -- if only because now there are going to be a lot more people jumping on the "oooooh, she had an abortion" bandwagon and shaming her for her decisions.

Did she have multiple abortions? We don't know, frankly. You have to consider the source here. This is a guy who also tweeted this week:

Boys don’t love you. We use the shit out of you bc you had thousands of dollars.

He will say ANYTHING right now to hurt her.

But the whole mess does bring up an important issue when it comes to reality television: how much reality is TOO MUCH reality?

Personally, I think abortion is an issue that should remain between a woman and her doctor. Jenelle is the one who opened up about at least one abortion in front of the cameras, so you could say this is on her, but still I wonder -- is there a reality line that just shouldn't be crossed?

Are we going too far when a celebrity's possible abortions become the story of the hour?

I'm not always the biggest Jenelle Evans fan, but I have to admit I DO feel badly for her here. We have absolutely zero context as to why she might have had an abortion ... but because of her reality star status, we are hearing all about something so personal.

Do you care how many abortions Jenelle has had? WHY?


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Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Didn't she rag on 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun for getting an abortion?

nonmember avatar Sara

Eddies Mama, she was very nasty to the girl who got an abortion but Nikkole was the one that faked a pregnancy and made up a story about the baby being stillborn.

I think he is that angry, because around that time he was talking about how he couldn't wait to be a dad and how happy he was then all of a sudden him and Jenelle are fighting and he accuses her of an abortion. I think she really hurt him, by aborting the baby they conceived together.

nonmember avatar ProChoice

I'm glad she had an abortion(s). Any baby doesn't deserve to have a mom like her or even her own mom. They have way to much drama and no kids should have to be around all that crap. I know plenty do but still.

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