Khloe Kardashian's 'Tortured' Messages About Lamar Do More Harm Than Good

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khloeWe knew this divorce wasn't going to be easy on Khloe Kardashian. Yes, the split with Lamar Odom was inevitable -- especially after the cheating and drug use reports surfaced. But it's even harder than she imagined thanks to all her rabid fans. They just won't leave her alone. She tweeted about her despair.

She's specifically talking about the rumors that she is already dating baseball player Matt Kemp. People started talking about it after the pair were spotted together at concerts in November and December. Tongues also started wagging after he posted an Instagram pic of the Kardashian family Christmas tree, which proved he had been hanging out with the clan. On top of that, Khloe was seen with him on the day she filed for divorce.

Whether they are more than friends, it is unclear. But Khloe wants the rumors to stop. She wants to be able to grieve for her failed marriage and move on in peace. I feel bad for her, but she is handling this the wrong way. If she wants to be left alone to sulk, heal, or whatever, she needs to go into seclusion. Tweeting and wearing statement clothing (she recently wore a sweatshirt that said "Nothing Was the Same") only fuels fans’ need for more information. That tweet only makes people want to hear more.

If she really wants to be alone with her thoughts, she should try to actually be alone with her thoughts. Go on vacation to some secluded spot, don't tweet, don't Instagram, don't even log on to the Internet. That is the only way to find the peace she seems to so desperately crave.

Do you think Khloe should be tweeting about her feelings if she wants to be left alone?


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Michaela Alaina Boddie

"Nothing Was The Same" is the name of Drake's latest album. Drake being a very prominent part of Young Money. Young Money being a group of artists that also actively hang out with the Kardashian clan. Drake had pop up stores, that sold merchandise with the album name ("Nothing Was The Same") on it, all over the country to promote his album.

Consuelo Corgan

well i guess the fans are the ones who is always there for her, its up to her,

nonmember avatar Theresa

I think ppl will always start rumors and make nothing into something that's not even true. Just leave khloe alone. She's not the drama scene type. She's going thru a difficult time in her life and need the rumors added to her divorce ordeal. Khloe I'm praying for you. Hope all works out for you the best. Remember u deserve the very best and not settle for less or someone who will treat you wrong. Find a real man that's going to love u for u and all that you have to offer and give to them which is real love and real partnership. Love you klhoe

nonmember avatar lane27

I think folks like you should mind their own business, she shouldnt have to a secluded freaking place for peace!

nonmember avatar Nina

She only posted ONE Tweet to tell everyone to calm the f*ck down. As Michaela said, Nothing Was The Same is Drake's album - besides, just because she's wearing a shirt with that saying, doesn't mean it relates to anything, does it now? She wanted everyone to leave her alone, so she Tweeted. It's better than not doing anything about it. Chill.

nonmember avatar sandy

Although I do not Tweet, I am not on Facebook, and don't even carry a cell phone unless traveling, I can understand Khloe's impulse: She is habituated to social media, so communicating her every thought probably seems natural to her. The thing is: IT IS NOT! Humans have the ability to choose, and we are supposed to be able to have some impulse control. So, I agree 100% with the author: For the sake of her own sense of peace and self-determination, Khloe would do well to put herself on a self-imposed hiatus from all of the social media stuff. Just as a fast or silent retreat can work wonders to impart a sense of clarity, a break from Twitter and such would give Khloe a chance to get herself together.

nonmember avatar elisa robbins

I dont think anyone should have to go into seclusion to grieve famous or not if people really are her fans they will respect her privacy and feelings and not worry about hearing the gossip

nonmember avatar shannon

Well to be a fan of khole kardashion I think it's her life if she wants to wear shirt or sweat shirt it does not mean anything yea what ever I'd going on with her an her ex it's her business I do agree with her ppl need to stop with all the rumors she's a amazing women that needs the best for her

nonmember avatar lindablack

don't mind what ppl r say n. ur beautiful. Go on withur life. He didn't deserve u. Luv u.

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