Martha Stewart Puts Wannabe Lifestyle Guru Gwyneth Paltrow In Her Place (VIDEO)


martha stewartNeither Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow are likely to win a "Most Likeable Celebrity" contest. But when it comes to who makes the best lifestyle guru, the answer is clear according to Martha. The Oscar winning actress has long been trying to horn in on her territory with cookbooks and hosting advice on hwe Goop website. When the longtime domestic goddess was asked about her competition, she had a cooly cruel response. Basically classic Martha. Take a look.

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What a burn. I should note, this isn't the first time Martha has thrown some serious shade her way. Just this past October, she poo-poo'd Gwyneth's efforts and reminded everyone who started this category in the first place.

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But Martha makes the prefect point in that video. What experience does Gwyneth really have? She's a hard-working actress, but you don't get the impression that she has ever had to work very hard in any other arena. Gwyneth has been a pampered Hollywood princess for most of her life. Her father was a famous producer. Her mother a famous actress. Now she hangs out with Beyonce and Jay Z. At least Martha has some street cred – she’s been to jail for goodness sake. Both can be insufferable but I have to side with Martha on this one.

Whose lifestyle advice do you trust more -- Martha or Gwyneth?


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Amber Fletcher

No one even holds a candle to martha, or ever will. She's an icon.

Einyn Einyn

When did being a criminal become something to be admired?

Railr... RailroadGirl

Martha hands down. Gwyneth has no sense. She believes every woman needs a $1400 shirt. That is one of my paychecks not what I make a minute shooting a movie. Her food sounds horrible. I don't follow either one but Martha wins by far.

nonmember avatar Link Allen

Martha Stewart is the epitome of a wonderful dream. Gwyneth Paltrow is more like a nightmare.

nonmember avatar Andria

Martha Stewart started out as a model and an actress for commercials. She also was babysitter to some very famous people's children which allowed her access to a social network with money. She then went on to catering (utilizing that same social network)and then on to home remodeling and decorating. Her early life was not one hardship by any means. Moreover, she was convicted of insider trading. She is hardly a saint and several of her past business associates have described her as difficult to work with. Her comments therefore indicate that she does not see Ms. Paltrow as a failure but more as a threat. Martha is getting old and her patina is beginning to wear. She knows this and is attempting to cut Paltrow off at the knees before the a sizable portion of the market share shifts Paltrow's way. Obvious and sad.

nonmember avatar RunRonniRun

Martha Stewart may have gone to prison, but dayyyam! Have you you ever tried her soft chocolate chip cookies? They should be illegal because they are so good, best I have ever had and only recipe I will use. Gwyneth's vegan gluten/chocolate cookie free cookies are probably terrible if they exist. I think we all know that chick doesn't eat, she could never replace Martha!

nonmember avatar Parker Gabriel

Can't even see the video! What gives?

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