Pippa Middleton Is NOT Engaged!

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pippa middletonWhoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just as we're all crashing from our champagne toast buzzes on behalf of Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson getting engaged, People has learned that it's not true! That's right, Pippa Middleton is not engaged! Bring on another bottle of bubbly for us to drown our sorrows in!

What can we say, royal adjacents make us drink.

A source has confirmed to People -- which, although a rag trade, is reputable -- that the betrothal "is not true". Apparently, rumors just reached a fever pitch after Pippa, 30, and her smokin' stockbroker boyfriend, 36, took a romantic trip to India earlier this month. Guess we all were just hoping for it to be true. But it's strange, because the source who originally "broke" the story claimed to know details of the proposal, saying the engagement was "very romantic and grand", and "exactly as he planned." No, they're not intimate details, but they're details nonetheless! It seems so strange to lie about something like this to major news sources (Us Weekly and the New York Daily News both reported it to be true). This story has been everywhere today!

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Well, at the very least, maybe all the engagement rumours will light a fire under Nico's butt to pop the question for real some time in the near future. I'm sure both Pippa and Nico enjoyed a tiny twinge of excitement today "being engaged", even if it wasn't for real. And, if a beautiful getaway to an Indian paradise was just a regular, run-of-the-mill vacation for them, I can't imagine what the real thing is going to be like.

Come on, guys! We're all pulling for you!

Would you like to see Pippa and Nico get married (even if it is just to see what Kate wears the wedding)?


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Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Why all of this fuss about getting married?  Who cares?  Just because a person gets married it does not mean that person is better than anyone else. 

Elizabeth Jean Roberts

Why all the fuss about Pippa Middleton? She is not star, just in her sister's wedding. If she had not of been in the Royal wedding, then no one would know anything about her. It is not like she is marrying into royalty herself. Newsmedia!!! Get over Pippa Middleton!

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