Porsha Stewart Will Get Fired From ‘Real Housewives’ Unless She Does One Thing


The ladies of Bravo's Real Housewives of YOU PICK THE CITY, have always played by a different set of rules. To this day, I can't understand how they consider themselves a classy, sophisticated bunch of woman with all that table flipping, hair pulling, and cattiness. Another thing that defies logic in that made-for-TV world? The type of behavior that gets you fired. Word is, Atlanta housewife Porsha Stewart is on the chopping block and you won't believe why.

According to Perez Hilton, she just doesn't bring enough drama. Sure, her nasty divorce with Kordell Stewart kept fans hooked for awhile but now producers are reportedly asking, what else she has to offer.

Jeez. Can't the givey the girl a break. Cameras caught the fallout after her husband dumped her via Twitter. Via TWITTER! Talk about harsh. Pity from that alone should at least buy her another season on the show. But that is not enough for one of those coveted roles. Now bunking at her mother's place, Porsha has to step up her game if she wants her contract renewed. And that can only mean one thing.

Porsha must get in the middle of some big mess. Start a feud with NeNe Leakes or bait scary Kenya Moore into another fight (her "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" tirade was pure television gold). But that's not the only route she can take. She could always start-up some drama filled romance. There have got to be tons of jerks in Atlanta chomping at the bit for 15 minutes of fame.

If she's not willing to do any of that, then she may be out of a job soon. Unfortunately for her, normal does not fly in reality TV. You can throw tantrums, push people, get into screaming matches, scare the hell out of your castmates and be guaranteed a job. What you can't do is live some quiet, stable existence. Take note Porsha, if you want to stay in that circus, you better work on your act.

How do you think Porsha should change her storyline to stay on the show?


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tenha... tenhasfive

I am partial to Porscha but woman to woman she should remain who she is, and not sell herself short just to be on a "real"ity show.

Ruth Lewis

I want to know in most peoples lives is all the drama and fighting reality.  Who in their right mind would want all the drama in their lives all the time.  I know if i was treated the way some of the women on these reality shows are treated I sure would not stay friends with  the others

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

Hell No.... I like her and she brings stuff to the Table, just like the other ones.... Don't get ride of her....

nonmember avatar Ashlee

Porsha don't need to do anything but be herself Phaedra is Boring come on let's get real Kandi is boring and that Gone with the wind crap played out with the Jerk so Porsha is not boring than the rest of them look at Cynthia Bailey she's boring I will rather see Porsha on the show than Cynthia and Phaedra because both of those women are boring and Kenya just acts like a fool she a disgrace to the human race. So no if I was Porsha no way will I lower my standards for T.V but when you talk about Bored Phaedra bores me, Cynthia Bores me, Kandi Bores me and I can't stand that Kenya Moore ratchet wanna be classy ashy rough skin butt. So leave Porsha alone give her break dang, and I use to like Nene but her 15 mins off fame is over the wannabe Rich B**** isn't so rich since the New Normal is gone, so those other ladies isn't no better than Porsha give the girl a break.

nonmember avatar Cheryl B. Hoyte

Please don't fire Porsha Stewart. After her husband, Kordell Stewart, publicly divorced her on Twitter and Television, she needs support. Don't abandon her. Also Kenya needs a better image. She is nursing some very serious emotional wounds and really needs a caring older woman to help her avoid a serious mistake. She seems so desperate to marry, she'll almost take anyone. She is beautiful and intelligent but deeply scarred emotionally. Perhaps if you could present her with a challenge to help a less fortunate woman, she might be able to help herself. Put her in touch with a Homeless Shelter for Women. They could certainly use her help and influence.

nonmember avatar missk

I dont feel sorry for any of these women. They choose to sign up for these shows and then act a damn fool to remain relevant on the show. They cant care too much about how they are perceived by viewers because if they did they would choose to walk away with dignity over engaging in drama...fights..and scandal..in the hopes of extending their 15 minute taste of fame and a network check. Those networks only love your when you boosting their ratings and making them money. They dont care about any of these women.

.just their bottom line which is money$$$$. If you fail to deliver enough drama your fired..reality shows..fake as a damn soap opera..with their scripted drama..

nonmember avatar Mrs S

They aren't as bad as the real housewives of New York they are disgusting and all of them look beat up in the face. I guess because they dye their hair they think it makes them look younger....Not someone lied to them they don't look good at all and no class to them all of them look like they need a meal they look like you could use them as an ironing board nothing but back

nonmember avatar Mrs S

If they would get rid of Kenya Moore there wouldn't be a question about their class. She makes the entire show look bad

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