Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Can't Be Happy About Their 'Perverted' Past

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kristen stewart and robert pattinsonSo after much speculation, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not be rekindling their romance after all. Even worse for Robsten fans? The fact that the duo originally fell in love while working on Twilight, a "perverted, racist" movie. Well, at least that's what Between the Lines Productions is saying in a complaint they've filed against Lionsgate Entertainment and Summit Entertainment Monday. Seriously.

Between the Lines Productions, known for their Twilight parody film TwiHarder, claims that the vampire movies are chock-full of racism and perversion. The kicker? They believe that Jacob Black, played by hunka hunk Taylor Lautner, is a "noble savage," "bloodthirsty warrior," and -- wait for it -- "sexual predator."

TAYLOR LAUTNER?! Playing a sexual predator?! Oh come on, did you see the sex scene in Breaking Dawn Part II? Obviously Robert Pattinson has that role down pat.

In all seriousness: Rob did look like he knows what he's doing in between the sheets. As long as we can agree on that, I think we can also agree on the notion that this lawsuit is a crock of bull. I wouldn't doubt that Between the Lines Productions is just trying to make headlines, especially after their past dealings with the other two entertainment companies. Heck, Between the Lines previously sued Lionsgate and Summit for $500 million for trying "sabotage" their parody. Since that suit was dismissed, why not file another one -- right?

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Regardless, I'm sure any actor that was involved in Twilight -- Rob and Kristen included -- wouldn't be happy that the film they worked so hard on is being referred to in this way. Here's hoping that this silly complaint gets dropped just like the last one.

Are you a Twilight fan? Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?


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Linda Kimpton Murrell

come on it's laughable have you seen the parody's there rubbish i watch 5 mins into one and turned it off. I'm a grandmother that loves all twilight movies and i'm team Edward he's a home grown talent 

Sarah Brown

Hey, be perverts while you're young and still able to remember and don't worry about it.  Love one another and most of all, FORGIVE one another.   Happy Holidays.

Rita Curry

 Yes I'm a big fan of all the, Twilight movies and books. There was no abuse of any kind in any of the movies or the books. Bella was 18yrs. when she married Edward, and they never had sex before their . Jacob, wasn't a, pedi file either, as he said, he would be a, protector, friend, or brother. Some people just have, very dirty minds, and need to wash them out completely. Why put something so well written and produced, down. Do those people, get off, this way.   are he people that need your mouths and badminds, washed out with, Lysol. There was not a single thing wrong with, Twilight, and or the actors.

nonmember avatar jenna

I agree fully with Rita Curry, and people need to just stop with making the twilight saga seem so bad. if you don't like it fine but just keep it to yourself.

Mari Tan

Lot's of jealousy about Twilight, that' all -

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

All I can say is The Twilight Saga was not in anyway racist or sick sex.  These people are PARASITES.  Latching on for the money.  I'm 65 and believe me those books and movies were wrote and filmed with dignity.  I'm just Team Twilight.  I hope these people are laughed out of court.  They should not get the fan base mad at them.  Millions will will sign a petition to stop these slugs!

Mell Isa

how can u they say those things im a huge fan of twilight movies all of them and i think that they are only envious you guys are the best bella and edward.just love each other and b happy u guys are the perfect couple trust me forgiveness is the cure for u guys..its better to forgive the one u love and b happy together than date someone else and maybe does u worse.she loves you and i kno u love her ..keep on bringing those twilight movies :) <3

Cheryl Morgan

That is observe they are a great couple. And Twilight Saga is the bomb.
To say that about Robert,,, is ruid and at least he was with his wife. And she liked it too. Lol.
Those two are great for each other.
It was only a great movie, not a porn. Leave them be

Susan Seeman-Pultz

i think that they should just back off of everyone from Twilight Saga movies. It's not raceist by any means, and they are not in any way sexual predators. Thats just rediculous I think they are just trying to do a get rich quick scheme because their version of Twilight sucked

nonmember avatar hawk

Always and Forever Team Krist Stewart.

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