Matt Bomer & Ian Somerhalder Are Going Strong Without '50 Shades' (VIDEO)

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matt bomer ian somerhalderIf some Fifty Shades of Grey fans had their way, Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder would currently be shooting the flick up in freezing Vancouver, Canada, rocking Christian Grey's suit and tie. But as we know, that task is now up to new dad Jamie Dornan -- not Matt or Ian. Sob. Tear. But hey, it's okay! 

Since news was announced that Christian would be portrayed by Charlie Hunnam Jamie Dornan, both actors have had plenty to keep 'em busy ...

As Matt Bomer fans are likely aware, the actor put a lot of hard work -- and weight loss -- into playing an AIDS patient in the highly-anticipated HBO film The Normal Heart, which was directed by American Horror Story and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy and will air in the spring. The first stills from the movie ran on last week, and you can see quick footage of it in this "End of Year" HBO promo, around the 2:10 mark ...

Looks like it's definitely going to live up to all the hype! And in the meantime, we can catch Matt on White Collar.

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Ian's also got his regular TV role as Damon on Vampire Diaries going for him, sharing his experience with turbulence while being jet-set to Atlanta, and he's stepped back into the political spotlight, recently tweeting a piece of his mind on childhood obesity ...

Whoa. Perhaps in addition to environmentalism, he's found a new cause. Maybe there's a new role in store for him ... hooking up with Michelle Obama to clean up American kids' diets!?

But while that's in the works, you might not want to miss him starring in his upcoming feature The Anomaly, due out next year.

Looks like neither actor needed to portray Christian Grey to keep things firing on all cylinders, eh?

Which of Ian and Matt's upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

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ashjo85 ashjo85

Oh Ian. Stop telling me what to feed my kids and just stand there and look pretty. Thanksomuch.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

No star in show business has Matt's combination of hot looks, talent, class, and intelect. Now he has a hot career to match. Ian not even near Matt's league...

nonmember avatar cherie

Ian Somerhalder is one of the sexiest, hottest, unbelievable beautifull Man ever, even more so, when You see Him in Person, with a wonderfull personality to match.As for intelect, The Man put single handed the ISFtogethter, that is getting bigger every Day, does so much good for The enviroment and Animals and educating young People. He gave a huge Speech before Congress.He works for 10 Months on His Show, and in His spare Time does Adds and Mag. Spreeds, wich all the Money goes to His Foundation He made a Movie in England,and had 2 Days to Himself. all Sommer, before Taping for His Show began again. stars in a Mini Series for Showtime, hat wil come out next Year.The Man works tireless, and does so much good Yes I say He is every bit in Matts League, if not above it.

nonmember avatar Turner Ashley

I totally agree 100% with Ian on that rant, I see lots of kids eating crap and not making healthy choices.

nonmember avatar Raine

IMDB tells the true story. Both guys are great, but Matt surging in quality roles.

nonmember avatar nina

I can't wait for TNH! It's going to be epic. I love that Matt likes to stay out of the spotlight and just concentrate on his work and family. That man sure has his priorities right. No wonder his talent is getting as much recognition as his looks. Usually beautiful actors like him have a hard time being recognized for acting talent, but Matt breaks that cycle.

nonmember avatar Mai

They both look great and are very good actors. I am sure they will do really good without that move

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