Robert Pattinson's Latest Flame Dylan Penn Says Dating Rumors Are 'BS'

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dylan pennWe've heard it from "sources" and now we're hearing it from the girl herself. Dylan Penn says she's not dating Robert Pattinson. To be more specific, she says of the rumors that she and Rob are dating, "That's been very foreign to me. But actually kind of funny, because it's all bulls***." Hear that, fans? Dylan is not, I repeat, NOT dating Robert Pattinson. She laughs at the very idea -- even though she's been seen engaging in dating-like body language with Robert. She and Rob are not a "Thing" and we should all stop thinking they are. As of today.

Right. Maybe Dylan and Rob were kind of a thing until Dylan got the feeling that she wasn't about to become Rob's one-and-only. She might want to try and save face a little. You know, "Who me, crushing on Rob? Don't be silly! I am so NOT!" Meanwhile Rob is actually really into Dylan. She's pretty and she's fun and she's making him forget all about the humiliation and heartbreak with Kristen. Except he's also not quite ready to close off his other options just yet.

But it's too late! Dylan is not waiting for Rob to make up his mind. She's moving on. In fact, Dylan may be into Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen, who looks like a child until he takes his shirt off. Okay, supposedly Steven has been dating a cute, blonde production assistant from Vampire Diaries for ages. But who knows ... maybe they've broken up and Dylan wants to make a play for Steven, since things with Rob aren't working out. Not that they were dating. Because they weren't. Haha, why would you think that?

Anyway, Rob is totally working things out with Kristen, remember? (Snort. Talk about bullsh*t ...)

Do you think Dylan is protesting too much?


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Mari Tan

She is just an ordinary face. She is such a liar and a framewhore . Her name and Pattinson are on the tabloid every single day, and come out to say it is foreign to her. Now, she is denying are these rumours because it's dying down. K and R are back in the news, her name is push to the side. She could have come out earlier and denied everything. What a pitty she only get a Gap endorsement while Kristen get the Chanel. STIR, swallow your pride of all the past lying about Rob and Dylan, Rob always with Kristen and always has been and will be. Rob never have any interest on Dylan and the rest of female (too many to mention here) This is your way to have Dylan to take all the blame.

nonmember avatar Mina

Laughing at all the Rob Pattinson fans up in arms claiming she "used" him. He's a grown ass man, he could have denied it himself if it bothered him.

Diane Herbert

If is all rubbish she should have denied back in September when it hit the headlines including the bit about her father warning Rob not to break her heart he's now back in Britain with his family and she out of the news

wtf5 wtf5

This has been bs from the beginning and trying to suggest that Dylan is saving face is just a sign of how this website continues to fabricate nonsence in the face of overwhelming evidence that Rob & Dylan were never a couple.  Period.  You already look likean idiot Adriana.  Just give it up.

Jennifer Simmons

I think she is smart.  He has to sort things out thoroughly with KS before he gets involve with ANYBODY.  It might feel like "REBOUND LOVE"!!!!


Nickey Lee

rob impossible love Dylan

Alice Ningasca

Confusing... he he he he...anyway, as far as I remember.... rob's dialogue..." when I'm in relation, I'm 100% on it... When I love,,, I'll die for it!!!" that's it!!! ;)

nonmember avatar p

LMAO !!!! why are people still beating that dead horse ??? better yet a story that never was ..LOL.. you gotta give it to gossip blogs they only repeat what other ridiculous gossip sites like E!... US .. and people reports and sometimes they go slumming quoting crap from HL ... Lifestyle .. and god forbid Enquirer and Star ...Oh My .. oh so funny people thought that tabloids were a joke before so how are we suppose to believe them now ?? these couple of years have been so much fun i want to thank Pattinson and Stewart for making a fool of the tabloids and gossip blogs it's about time time they got played for a change ! Now i'm waiting for the next chapter , it should be oh.. so much fun !!

Mary Santora

I knew it was a lie, u never saw a picture of Rob n her actually together u only saw a pic of her then a pic of rob just the media trying 2 stir things up 2 make money.

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