Catherine Giudici Posts 'Racy' Photo Letting Us Know What Sean Lowe's Getting

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sean lowe catherine giudiceHave you seen this racy photo? Catherine Giudici posted a bedroom photo of herself under a banner reading "Mrs. Lowe." She's in what appears to be short-shorts, reclining on a bed, and ... hey wait. Actually, this photo isn't very racy at all. I'm afraid our standards for racy have plummeted so low (thanks, Miley!) that Catherine's photo looks downright demure by comparison. I mean, she's all smiles and gams here. No side, under, or 'tween boob to be seen, no butt cheek, no nip slips. What's going on here?

catherine giudiciFirst of all, a little context: This is a photo from Cath's bachelorette party in Miami. Her girlfriends created that banner for her. And a banner like that over a bed does sort of demand a cheeky Instagram pic. But I like how she played it.

Maybe, just maybe, Catherine is reserving the really hot stuff just for Sean's eyes. WHAT. You can do that? (Say all the other tabloid stars out there.) Apparently Catherine doesn't feel the need to show the whole entire world what Sean gets to enjoy when they're in private. We're just getting the teeniest hint here, with that mischievous grin of hers. And you know what? That grin is even hotter than whatever T&A she could flash at us could ever be. It leaves more to the imagination.

I could end the post right here. Catherine's not giving it all away for us. The End! As you were, Bachelor fans.

Except maybe I should also mention that this is the same little gal who keeps telling us about her workouts. Is she teasing America? Because even though Sean is a "devout Christian" -- whatever that means -- he's probably already seen first-hand the results of all those workouts. So this is not information he needs. It's information she wants us to know. She's probably got a hot body, and we're not going to see all of it because Catherine's not about that.

Catherine just wants to make sure we know that whatever she's keeping under wraps is spectacular. We'll have to take her word for it, I guess. But I for one am glad not to know the specifics.

What do you think of Catherine's photo?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Instagram

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Debbie Roberts Zace

Seriously???? There is nothing racie about that pic.  She is completely clothed.

Lori Jan

always liked her and wish them a long happy life together!

Susan Weston

Seriously..........those are the photos of a good girl. While the bed is suggestive...........come on really it's not trashy.

Margeaux Abbott

Sexy, tasteful pose instead of racy.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Shes such a pretty lady! I wish Catherine and Sean the best!

steph... stephycda

Shes such a pretty lady! I wish Catherine and Sean the best!

Kaidra For Real

Really?!? These are the "racy" pictures lets get real these are mild compared to half the pictures posted on social networking sites these days. And let's not mention Americas already seen her with less clothes on on national television in a bikini. Come if you have REAL news to post lets get to it but don't waste our time on this crap... Really?!?!

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