Khloe & Lamar 'Resurface' Hours Apart but What Is Khloe WEARING?

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khloe kardashianThree days after Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar, she surfaced for the first time in Burbank. Khloe looked relaxed and at peace in a sweatshirt with the words "Nothing Was the Same" emblazoned across the chest. And then a day later, on Tuesday, Lamar crawled out of his manhole wearing a tank top that read, "I'M the One Who Broke Up with Khloe!!!" JK. But Lamar emerged, too (wearing track pants and looking like he was going to work out, in case you're wondering).

Let's discuss.

So, first off, let's not front here. We're Team Khloe in this neck of the woods, through and through. She's long been our favorite Kardashian sister, and what Lamar did to her was disgusting. Thank god she divorced him. However! It does look like our girl is trying to send a message with her sweatshirt (even though, yes, "Nothing Was the Same" is the name of Drake's latest album). And she's kind of been doing this throughout her divorce. She's never outright spoken about Lamar or the state of their relationship, but there have been many vague tweets and Instagrams she's fired off during this ordeal. And I respect that. It's kind of like she's letting us know, "Guys, I can't talk about this, but make what you will of this." Also, she's getting us to talk about her, which, let's be real here, is what Kardashians do best. 

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And then there's Lamar. Oh, Lamar. Sure, it appears like he's innocently just going for a sweat in the gym, but I can't help but find it slightly suspicious that he appeared a day, a few hours really, after Khloe. It seems like ever since she filed for divorce, he's been trying to trash/one up her. First, he claimed that he's the one who broke up with her. Then he said that Khloe brings out the worst in him. And then he has his 15-year-old daughter bash Khloe, saying, "No one thought they'd last." At least it's widely speculated that he had his daughter say that.

I don't know, you guys. Even though their divorce is underway, I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the Khloe/Lamar drama. And I definitely think it's going to get more intense than vague sweatshirts and well-choreographed trips to the gym. It always does.

Are you happy Khloe divorced Lamar?


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nonmember avatar kelly doesn't surprise me but Im glad she did it. In the beg he had my support. I think Khloe handled it with class!!!!.

Teresa Cervantes

I think she (khole) deserves way better!! I loved them together in the beginning but he crossed the line with the drug use and the cheating. Made his self look like a jerk!! Shes better off without him!

nonmember avatar marilyn higby

very sad. my heart hurts for Khloe

nonmember avatar Gretchen

Yes. Thank God that they don't a child of their own. Lamar Odom is not a good man and its not worthy of trust and loyalty specially respect of any woman. Lamar Odom must be cautious because he got a daughter , I believe in karma, for sure the way you treated khloe your daughter will suffer the cons of ur action.

nonmember avatar Melissa

She waas a goodwife!. She tried her best for that man and we all know she really truly loved him. But he disrespecteD her. Glad She divorced him and who even cares who did its benefitting both of them. Now watch her get pregnant next. Yay i pray she finds herself a good man. She deserves that.

nonmember avatar Christina

Just saying , there is no need to make a big deal about khloe wearing a shirt that says "Nothing was the same" because that logo and saying is the name of Drakes newest album. She attended his concert at the Staples center and her family is friends with him, so she probably is just supporting his music. I honestly think people want it to be a subliminal message, but I dont think Khloe would want all of this extra attention for wearing a sweater that has to do with Drakes new album, while dealing with her divorce. People really need to give her a break and just stopping adding fuel to the fire by assuming stuff that is really stupid, I meen come on, is she really that dumb to wear a sweater sending a message ? I doubt it, lets grow up

Linda Adamic

Very happy........she made the right move

Kat Stark

"Are u happy with Khloe divorcing Lamar" WTF IS IT TO US - ITS HER LIFE WHO CARES IF WE ARE HAPPY OR NOT

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