'Teen Mom 2' Season 5 Trailer Delivers One Shocker After Another (VIDEO)

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Jenelle Evans JaceIt's official! MTV has confirmed the return of Teen Mom 2! Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert are all getting what the original Teen Mom stars didn't -- a season 5!

And along with their confirmation to The Stir that this is really happening, MTV has let us in on the biggest secret of all: what we're going to see on the highly anticipated season! We're talking about the official Teen Mom 2 trailer that shows off just when the cameras were hanging around the girls and what we can expect to see on television. Do you want to see it?

Of course you do! But get ready ... there are some HUGE shockers in there:

Holy. Moly!

Did Jenelle just say she was getting an abortion?! And did we hear Leah Calvert's little girl, Ali, may never be OK?! If they could pack that much drama into two minutes, can you imagine what this season is going to be like? Between Kailyn's wedding and Chelsea's baby daddy drama ... and of course Leah and Jeremy imploding and Jenelle being Jenelle, this could be the most explosive season of Teen Mom yet!

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And according to MTV, it's coming back to us on January 21 (that's a Tuesday ... no more Mondays are a Mother!).

So tell us: what was the biggest shocker from the trailer for you?


Image via MTV


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nonmember avatar Amber

What song is this in the trailer

nonmember avatar samantha

jermey filing for a devoice that is shoking

nonmember avatar lisaisa

The shocker of Jeremy filling for divorce when she chose him and had his baby! And the fact that Chelsea baby dad is having another kid with some bitch playing step mom role and getting pregnant to feel special because of the bond she jealous that Chelsea has and now wants to play house! And he never was around for his daughter until his new beezy

tanya92 tanya92

It won't load... :(

Toree E Yorong

yeah would have never seen that with jeremy filing for divorce! and the custody issue, i just got over a long and complicated relocation case with my two year old and i won, but there were times
I was honestly ready to give up, Im glad that i didn't, when you are in the middle of custody cases its so easy to feel lost and confused and alone. if i didn't have my husband i would have lost my life, kailyn used to live near me and our lives are so alike, watching this show feels like I'm watching my own life. i really like teen mom because its one of the only things i feel i can relate to nowadays and that makes me feel less alone asa teen mom. :)

nonmember avatar Tayla

Omg! Mine won't LOAD!

Krystian Kaufold

So Jenelle didn't have a miscarriage....real nice. 

I'm excited for this season.

nonmember avatar Sara

OMG YES. Finally. Been waiting so long and now it's coming back! Can't wait.

Emily Grace Bustos Segura


Sarah Barker

Too late for her to get her tubes tied, she is already pregnant again.

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