Robert Pattinson's Sexy New Role Could Change How We See Him Forever

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robert pattinsonDespite having starred in plenty of movies other than the Twilight franchise -- hello, CosmopolisBel Ami, Water for Elephants, etc. -- Robert Pattinson is pretty much still best known as Edward Cullen in and out of Hollywood. But it's looking like he may have a shot at breaking out of that mold once and for all ... He's set to play British army officer T.E. Lawrence, aka "Lawrence of Arabia," in Werner Herzog's film Queen of the Desert, which also stars Nicole Kidman as English writer Gertrude Bell. (Naomi Watts was originally set to star.)

The news of Rob's attachment was announced last year, but tongues are wagging about the flick in the wake of the legendary actor and original Lawrence Peter O'Toole's passing.

It bears noting that the film -- which begins shooting in 2014 and will release in 2015 -- won't be a remake of 1962's Lawrence of Arabia. Instead, it will chronicle Bell’s life as a writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attache for the British Empire, reports Variety. Lawrence comes into play in that he was close friends with Bell, and together, they helped establish the Hashemite dynasties in Jordan and Iraq.

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This chance to take on an incredibly iconic role is definitely an exciting one for RPattz ... and his fans. Not only could it set him up for critical acclaim, but how totally off-the-charts SEXY AS HELL is he going to look in Lawrence's military uniform?! Oof!

And while it may not be a heartthrob role, Rob's fans have gotta admire his interest in taking on more challenging, indie, artistic parts like this one. I'd be surprised if he doesn't start racking up awards for it sooner rather than later.

Are you looking forward to seeing Rob in Queen of the Desert?


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nonmember avatar Karen

SO very proud of Rob, he could have continued to make only blockbuster $$$$ movies, but he , instead, wants to work with well-known and highly-regarded directors ! He obviously wants to stretch his skills and grow. Good for you, Robert !

bjsmi... bjsmith579

I wish you much success Rob. I cant wait for this movie.

ncchicky ncchicky

blah...His nose creeps me out haha


nonmember avatar robin arnold

i am a huge fan of robert pattinson and would enjoy seeing him in anything he acts in. However bel ami in my opinion was not my cup of tea i found it very boring and didnt really enjoy it as much as his other movies. But i will see him in anything as hes an incredible actor.

Michelle Law

Yep, I'm happy for Rob.  I know he will do great.  He's an actor. (y)

nonmember avatar Melissa

Yes, but I'm really looking forward to seeing him act his ass off in The Rover in August and then Maps to the Stars in the autumn. Diametrically opposed roles, and everything he's doing now is showing his range.

He was always the best part of the crappy Twilight movies, and now that they're over, he's the one who's getting the most interesting roles with the most respected filmmakers.

David Flessert

I am looking forward to seeing all of Robs movies. The movies he has made and the movies

he is involved in now. He is an extremely talented actor.

nonmember avatar norine

I wish u and kristen will be happy 4ever!

Clyde Ann

i so love him! what a waste for kristen

nonmember avatar grane smit

I agree with the author completely and I was expecting the commented turn of career for Rob from the moment I saw him in his pre-Twilight era, like "How to be" etc.
The Twi movies benefited from Rob's presence in them immensely.
Kristen... sorry... she does not deserve him AT ALL.
I can not wait for ALL OF HIS performances in the future. Can you?

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