Joyce Giraud FINALLY Stands Up for Herself Against Brandi Glanville

joyce giraudOkay, if you've been watching this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that Brandi Glanville has been pretty awful to Joyce Giraud. For whatever reason (probably because Joyce ratted Brandi out for talking crap about Lisa), Brandi has it out for Joyce, and during their little trip to Palm Springs, the claws came a scratching.

Oddly, though, during Brandi's rag-on-Joyce fest (which entailed calling Joyce "Jaclyn" and "Hoyce-ita" non-stop), Giraud did very little, if anything at all, to stop Brandi. In fact, she just took it. Until now. Joyce Giraud was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and wow! She's not biting her tongue about Brandi anymore!

After a caller asked Joyce if she felt that Yolanda Foster had enabled Brandi’s rude behavior by constantly rushing to her defense, Giraud said, "No, I think watching this episode, I got mad at myself for being so lenient on her." She then added, "So guess what? Her apology was fake, like she is. I think I should’ve known better and trusted my gut instinct. I still gave her the benefit of the doubt, I can’t blame it on Yolanda or Brandi. [But] I do think that they needed to stop giving excuses for her."

Boom! It's about time Joyce stuck up for herself. I don't think I'm alone when I say that watching her take it up the you-know-what by Brandi was excruciating. Brandi, though always amusing, was kind of bullying Joyce. And Joyce did nothing to stop it, which is exactly why Brandi kept going.

From the looks of things in next week's sneak preview, Brandi isn't going to let up on Joyce any time soon (that dinner party scene looks horrendous[ly awesome]!). But maybe, after she sees that Joyce does have a set of balls, she'll let up a bit. Dear god, I hope so. Their relationship is getting super uncomfy to watch.

Whose side are you on: Brandi's or Joyce's?


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nonmember avatar Karen M

Joyce is as lovely and beautifil as Brandi is licentious and a bully. Pro-wen on this one -- #TeamJoyve

nonmember avatar Misha

Brandi!! <3

nonmember avatar Talina

<3 Joyce all the way! Love her

nonmember avatar Angie

So far Joyce has come out looking much better than Brandi who has become a hot mess. But my verdict is still out on what I think of Joyce. Last season I really thought highly of Yolanda, and now I see her as vain and phony. It takes a while to really get to know these women.

nonmember avatar Sherrie

<3 Joyce!!!!! ...Brandi is a evil witch

Elizabeth Boudreaux

 Brandi is so high school ,she is a mean girl and is way to skinny ,I think she may need some food to go with those cocktails shes a mess and her mouth .I like Joyce's husband he did stand up for her .I glad she stood up for herself ,Brandi just want to look as good as Joyce does she is super pretty ,and has class .Yolanda is making herself look bad for taking up for trash ,I loved her last season .you are who you hang out with ,and Yo's husband was so kind to Joyce .He can spot class .Why are Lisa and Yolanda taking up for her it looks so bad .and Lisa just look plain evil .rich witch .I hope Lisa gets picked on so see can see how it feels and I think that happens on coming show .They should take that trash off of T.V and if Lisa keeps it up her also .Yolanda you still have some hope because I know your better then that .Women can be so mean to each other it so sad.


nonmember avatar Larissa

Joyce, for sure. Brandi is getting on my nerves, i can only imagine on Joyce's!!!

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