Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Battling Illness That Could Make Everything Worse


jenelle evansPoor Jenelle Evans. It's as though she can't catch a break. Street brawls. Jail time. Heroin addiction. Her life certainly hasn't been easy since she debuted on Teen Mom 2 several years ago. Now pregnant with baby number two, the latest news on her will surely have fans worried about her health and her future.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the reality star is battling depression. Though, given what her life is like, I can't say I am completely surprised. Since announcing her pregnancy last week, she was taken to jail for "breach of peace" in Myrtle Beach after a fight with Nathan Griffith, the father of her unborn child. 

It also hasn't helped that some fans aren't supportive of this pregnancy. According to In Touch, she has received a lot of nasty responses to the news. In fact, when she confirmed the news, she was "scared of all the backlash from haters who still judge her for not having custody of her son, Jace."

Who can blame them. Her life has been one train wreck after another and it doesn't seem like that is changing now that she's pregnant with baby #2. As for Jenelle, this all must be so overwhelming. She keeps making choices the lead her to the same place - unable to provide the type of stable living situation a child needs. Though, it seems like she's trying to change. Before her most recent arrest, she had told fans she had changed her wild ways. She even claims this latest arrest was the result of a set-up by neighbors. And Nathan has taken to Twitter to defend her too: "I love Jenelle with all my heart and we weren’t arguing outside the house. She’s really depressed. Please stop the bullying.”

It's a really sad situation -- and one that will get even more complicated once the new baby arrives.


Do you think Jenelle is really depressed or just trying to get sympathy?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Well known on the show she has bipolar disorder. And yet doesn't take her meds.

tiafez tiafez

I would never attack or slam someone who has any form of mental illness or depression but this young lady knows she has it and chose to not take her meds. And her behavior is  selfdamaging. I wish her the best but won't be surprised to see her as a headline for many years to come. She's not a child, she needs to grow up. 

nonmember avatar J

I read an article here one time that linked to her twitter. I don't have twitter and out of curiosity I clicked the link. Just reading through a few things on there, I don't know how someone wouldn't be depressed after the constant hate and bullying. She can't even be happy in her own life without people weighing in and judging and straight up bullying. I don't understand why people like to be so mean. They follow people for the soul purpose of hating on their every move. Very sad.

Jennifer Twers

We already knew this... Do you really get paid to write this shit?

shutu... shuturpiehole

She is bi-polar. Part of that illness is bouts of depression. And she is pregnant and they probably switched her medications to ones safe for pregnancy which might not work as well on her.

nonmember avatar lyns

You can't take meds like that when your pregnant...

nonmember avatar heather

I hope her mom helps her with this one to!! Depressed my ass drama queen that loves attention more like it. Poor jace his mom wouldn't even try getting him back no her solution have another instead. PATHETIC. Congrats to jace on you new niece/sister!! Everyone should also quit calling her the mother of jace the one that raised and cared for him is his mother. Janelle us the bad druggie sister at best!!

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