Kourtney Kardashian Flips Out at Photogs Swarming Around Penelope

kourtney kardashianLove all those adorable photos of the Kardashian babies? Well those photos come at a price, and sometimes that price is too high, even for this publicity-hungry family. Kourtney Kardashian blew up at the paparazzi recently, and it was all caught on video. Photographers followed her out of a Beverly Hills store while she was shopping with Penelope on her hip. An assistant shouted at them to give the mama some space to walk, but that wasn't enough. Kourtney ended up yelling at the photogs, too -- and then, when someone asked her a question, she really let them have it.


The whole video (which you'll have to watch via the link above) just makes me cringe. It's one thing to harass a grownup celeb. But when that celeb is holding a baby? And you've got a mom pinned against a wall? It looks terrifying, even for a Kardashian. Kourtney gets tough and tells the photographers to back off with a very threatening pointed finger in their faces. Good for her.

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It's no surprise when Penelope starts crying. That situation looks way too intense for a one-year-old. They finally back up, but then someone has to go and ask, "Hey Kourtney, how was the wedding?"

"Don't talk to me ever when I'm with my kids."

"All right," the photog says. And you think he gets it. But then he follows up with "What do you think of all this paparazzi..."

"SHUT THE F*CK UP!" Kourtney says.

And he's still gunning for some Alec Baldwin-style provoking. "Really? So do you think they should give you more respect when you're with a kid?" No, asshat. You should give Kourtney's baby more respect -- or at least some space.

This video is cringey mostly because of what it puts Penelope through. But I also gasped when Kourtney let out that F-bomb in front of her daughter. Granted, I'm not one to talk -- my son has definitely hear that word come out of my mouth, too. But I think just about every mom regrets that slip immediately after it happens. Most of us let it happen only when we're under a lot of stress, so this really speaks to how Kourtney must have been feeling at the moment.

I know Kourtney has pretty much signed a deal with the devil when it comes to her career. She's traded her privacy for her fame. But what about her kids? If she sets some ground rules with the paparazzi (and it sounds like she has), does she have the right to expect them to respect her limits? I think pure human decency should be guiding these photographers to back off around children. Even if you think a celeb is a shameless fame whore (or whatever degrading, insulting language you insist on using), you shouldn't punish their children, too.

Do you think Kourtney has the right to set limits with photographers around her kids, or has she given up those rights because of her career?


Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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