Catherine Giudici's Wedding Shower Reveals the Truth About Sean's Family

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Even though some fans have probably been waiting for some huge bomb to drop and destroy their relationship, all signs point to Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici getting married ... like for reals -- on January 26, 2014.

If their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties weren't a good indicator that things are moving right along -- then Catherine's wedding shower in Dallas last weekend is pretty convincing evidence.

Apparently it was quite the event.

Would you believe that every single one of the ladies who were invited actually showed up to this thing? Yep. All 40 people on the guest list graced Catherine with their presence -- and it sounds like they were pretty lucky to be there, based on the awesome food that was served.

Catherine's future father-in-law, Jay Lowe, says the gals dined on shrimp cocktails, mini croissant sandwiches, assorted cheeses, petit fours, and chocolate-covered strawberries. (YUM.)

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Oh, and another thing, the shower was thrown for Catherine by friends of Sean's family -- which means the Lowe crew must absolutely adore her. I mean, I can't imagine they'd allow family friends to put together a bash celebrating her marriage to their son if they weren't 100 percent sure she's the right woman for him -- so she knows she has their blessing for sure.

Guess all that gossip a few months ago about Sean's family not liking Catherine was nothing more than ... well -- a bunch of gossip.

There's really no better way to get a marriage off to a good start than being assured you have the family's approval -- and it's obvious that Catherine has this one in the bag. 

Huh. I wonder if she even realizes just how lucky she is? In-laws who truly love you as a daughter, not just "that chick our son married," are pretty hard to come by these days.

Did your husband's friends or family throw you a shower?


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nonmember avatar Terry

My mother in law, a seamstress by trade, designed and made my wedding dress. It was beautifully done:)and I LOVE my husbands family like my own.

Joyce Ann Thomas

no, mine didn't even send a card so,i know how welcome I was

Angie Molinario Parker

I don't think Sean's family cares for her - they tolerate at this point - THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THE SHOWER AND NOT FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY - does anyone else agree with me?

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