'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Suffers a Devastating Loss

Brandi GlanvillePart two of the Beverly Hills gang's jaunt to Palm Springs definitely brought with it some drama. We picked up right where we left off last week. Yolanda Foster had just released her harpies upon Kyle Richards' tender flesh. Now I'm not one to leap to the defense of any Richards, but dude, come on, the woman has had a tough time lately what with all the cruel banter about her marriage in the press.

Luckily, this was something every single cast member (with the exception of Brandi Glanville who was too busy doing her best impression of Dorothy Parker to notice anything) recognized and they all backed off. Discounting, of course, Kim Richards, who chose that moment to rail pointlessly at Lisa Vanderpump. Kim -- leave it alone. Pump's Gonna Pump. I mean, her bone of contention was that Lisa was "dismissive" of her. This is akin to me announcing that the sky is blue and that Bravo makes excellent television programs: Just straight facts, yo. 

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I don't get why Bravo has waited all until this season to start pushing the giant button marked LESBIAN EXCITEMENT FOR SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME. (It's a very large button apparently.) In Miami we had the exploits of Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein. In Beverly Hills we've got Brandi and Carlton Gebbia. Brandi was psyched to share about her "friendship kiss" with Carlton to her smooching partner's horror. Carlton had a nice, civil pow-wow with Brandi wherein she was essentially like, "Dude. Seriously? Private." It was maybe the most real and adult friend-to-friend discussion the show has ever seen. 

It was the last moment of calm for the episode's duration. The grievances were aired, but mania remained. The girls proceeded to make eyes at each other over Brandi's excessive drinking, LOL it up at the squirrels that seemed fixated on Kyle's ass, and collectively WTF Kim for giving a prayer of thanks to a trash can.

Just when all the squirrel stroking fun seemed like it would never end, Brandi got a call that her house had been broken into and her dog Chica was gone. Her reaction squeezed my heart meat. Instinctively I went to check on my cats. This wasn't challenging since one was draped on either of my shoulders like Gaga-esque epaulets. Brandi can be unpredictable but she's not a bad person -- no one deserves to get that call!

Does Brandi get her dog back? I would know if I were a better entertainment report/cared enough to Google, but I'm not/don't. Who's your fave Housewife this season? I am team Carlton.


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Carl Bingum

Brandi is a drama queen. If she was a nice person her dog would not have ran away. She is a mean girl. And when it happens to her we are all supposed to be sad for her. Please. I think the dog is in a better place now. Somebody probably found out it was her dog and kept it so it wouldn't have to live with such a mean owner. God bless little Chica. She is away from the wicked witch of the Beverly Hills housewives.

nonmember avatar Jill Swing

K-A-R-M-A?? BRANDI, u come off really loud, and obnoxious, and enough already. Quit being sooo jealous of joyce, as it's SOOOOO obvious!! Im really seeing your character, shine super bright, unlike the cranial cavity. If this is how u truly are, no wonder eddie is with someone else now! Get a grip, babe, and maybe put the bottle down!!

May peace be with you brandi.... I D M I B....

nonmember avatar reneer

Sheesh....I thought you were gonna say someone died...

nonmember avatar gwen

Wow. What a first class slag. Karma is right!

Valerie M Baumgartner

Karma bit Brandi and Carlton is just gross. The pair of them is just unappealing. Both need to go.

nonmember avatar Selena

Brandi is a nice girl?! What world are you living in? She is rude, mean, bitchy, and disgusting. Basically, all the Beverly Hills women are embarrassing and nothing but a bunch of 17 year old bratty girls in 50 year old bodies. I definitely don't think these shows are good for the soul, most of these shows show hate, phoniness, and immaturity by women who should naturally set a good example. At least this show taught me that old women are not ALL wise. This is just my opinion.

Lori Metrick-Lewis

Brandi is an obnoxious drunk and she's just as mean when she's sober. Yolanda is a two faced witch as well. When Taylor got drunk last season, Yolanda was appauled, she said a lady does not get drunk, but when it's Brandi, I guess it's ok. Make up your mind Yolanda and wash your hair once in awhile!


Maria Foster

I don't think anyone with small children should have their dog lost as their kharma.  Losing something soley their own and that would not affect their kids, that is a fitting kharma.  Her true colors are really showing now that Joyce is on the show though.  I liked her, she brought a bit of naughty stupidity that the other stuck up girls seemed to need and it seemed like they picked on her for being herself.  Now I see, she's over the top obnoxious when she drinks and she's a mean girl who has insecurity issues just like a great majority of women who've been cheated on in the real world.  Oh well....

nonmember avatar no one you know

Run Chica Run! I'm so glad that poor dog finally got away from perpetually drunk LeAnn...oh, excuse me, Brandi. She's hammered most of the time and never bothered to potty train them or even walk them regularly (since they're apparently going to the bathroom all over the house).

Barbara Schuima

Love Brandi........Brandi,Lisa,Yolanda and Carlton make the show !


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