Khloe Kardashian's Rumored New Man May Be Even More Trouble Than Lamar

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matt kempAs tends to be the case whenever any Kardashian gets divorced (something we encounter like clockwork, it seems!), the news about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's split is coming a mile a minute. One of the biggest developments? The buzz that apparently Khloe has already moved on with another athlete -- MLB player Matt Kemp. While some sources say they're "just friends," others say they're hooking up ... and on their way to becoming more. Either way, news about what Khloe could be getting herself into if she is dating Kemp is enough to make your hair stand on end.

According to, the L.A. Dodgers player was served a restraining order by his ex, Felisha Terrell, who claimed he stalked, intimidated, and verbally abused her in shocking court papers. In the documents, filed in 2008r, Terrell claimed she suffered “constant verbal abuse and threats” after breaking up with Kemp.

She goes onto claim:

He repeatedly made me scared and gets in my face asserting some power/authority. He brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. I am very fearful. He has other people calling me, stalking me, and I feel very scared for my safety.

OMG, horrifying! Then, she went onto allege that he exhibits erratic behavior when he drinks and/or smokes marijuana. So he may not only be verbally abusive but also have a substance abuse problem! Wow ...

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It does bear noting that these papers surfaced when Kemp was dating Rihanna in 2010, and Terrell's reps released the following statement:

Felisha Terrell and Matt Kemp lived together and were in a relationship for over a year where they both cared for one another. During the course of the relationship, there was a restraining order filed by Felisha, but it had nothing to do with domestic violence and to be clear Matt was never physically abusive to Felisha, nor did she fear for her life. The restraining order was subsequently vacated. They both have moved on separately but remain amicable.

Hmmm. Kemp's reps followed up with their own statement, asserting that the ball player "is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman.” 

Well, there's always the chance that something like this could have been a one-off, over-hyped situation that was not necessarily reflective of what kind of person Matt Kemp really is. But if it's not -- and it's actually more of an indication that he's not the squeaky-clean, or at least low-stress guy Khloe deserves after this Lamar disaster, I hope that a.) they actually are "just friends" or b.) she's ready to run for dear life!

How do you feel about Khloe's new rumored relationship?


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andy1477 andy1477

I knew Kemp hooking up with her would be bad news...for him! Leave him alone, let him focus on what he's getting paid million of dollars for.

nonmember avatar pammy

We all roll differently within each other,chill! Out!

Lashuan ShowmemyConfidant Jones

Khloe needs to just take a break from men and do her business of making money. take a break girl!!

nonmember avatar Tiffany

I want her and Lamar to stay together!!!! :-(

Jai Hutto

That it's a rumor

nonmember avatar sandra aliu

she should becareful

nonmember avatar yanira

Do what u want fuck every one nobody gives u shit good luck boo!!!!!!!:)

Demi Jack

I k that what lamar did is not good,but I think u should go back to lamar,becuze Matt Kemp is not rigth

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