'50 Shades' Screenwriter Reveals How Much Sex We Can Expect

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kelly marcelEver since screenwriter Kelly Marcel was brought on to adapt Fifty Shades of Grey, we've wondered how she was going to bring those nonstop sex scenes to mainstream movie theaters. And for a while there, we even wondered if she would or could with the need for a more box office-friendly R-rating hanging over her ...

Well, maybe producer Dana Brunetti's hope that the film be released in two versions -- one NC-17 and another R-rated cut -- will come true! Because judging from an interview Kelly gave Vanity Fair, it doesn't sounds like she held back on the sex at all!

When asked what kind of TV she watched -- if any -- for inspiration while working on the script, Marcel replied:

Apart from the porn? Lots of porn. No, there wasn't really anything. I didn't for Fifty Shades."

Okay, well, she may have been kidding about the porn. But who knows ... It's possible she had to Google a BDSM term (or illustration ... or clip) or two. And maybe she was looking for ways to make the sex scenes more, uh, realistic. Not that porn is that. But whatever. Let's just see it as a positive indicator that she's gonna give fans what they want.

And if you need further proof, she explained how she worked closely with E.L. James, and what that means for delivering the goods in February 2015 ...

I had E.L. [James] with me every step of the way and she is very, very tied to her fan base, and she really wants to make the film that they'll be happy with. She knows her fans. She knows her audience. She knows her book, so having her around was invaluable because you can't really go wrong when the author is overseeing it. I think it was a great thing.

Sounds like a recipe for success to me!

How 'bout you? At this point, how high are your hopes that the film will deliver?


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peach... peachpies

If EL James wanted to make a film the fans would be happy with she wouldn't have allowed such completely left field actors that hardly resemble her characters, starting with Dakota playing Ana. Ridiculous! She looks absolutely nothing like Ana's described besides being pale and slender. Obviously that will be a big thing for fans because she puts a lot of emphasis on appearances in the books. Then there's the others cast like Rita Ora and Luke Grimes that also don't fit the characters SHE wrote in the books. It's enough to make me not care to see it in theaters anymore, especially because of Dakota. Jamie doesn't even look dominant next to her. She makes him look small.

Rissa... RissaLove625

I totally agree with peachpies! Dakota is not a good casting person for Ana ! Not at all . And Jamie ?? Hes supposed to be lik 6 ft. Come one . That dude is a shrimp compared to Dakota . Especially in heels ! . I think they have enough time to recast this whole mess they tried to call a movie and find better actresses and actors that fit the part better . Because obviously the people who picked them never read the books !

nonmember avatar Ashley Fuentes

I agree with both of you! She knows nothing of what the fans wants. Shes going to ruin her own story! My best Christian and ana was ian somerhalder and lucy hale but idk I dont think ill be watching this movie ill just stick to the books.

nonmember avatar robin

I read all the books enjoyed them so much couldnt put tgem down. I just wish the guy that played jax on soa was christain grey . He would fit the part perfect. Thanks ready to read more books by e.ll. james

Dishie Writes

Yaaaay, more new old news!  This site rocks with keeping us updated with their previously reported stuff. 

nonmember avatar Remedy

Agreeee with you Ashley ; " best Christian and Ana would have definitely been Ian Somerhalder (or Charlie Hunnam) and Lucy Hale.

Faces who actually fit the part & get more then just the fans of the book interested

(Rolls eyes) Guess we'll just have to wait see ^_

nonmember avatar lucy

should have been ian somerholder and alexis bledel they would have been perfect together!!!

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