Jenelle Evans Finally Cuts Off Her 'Fans'

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Jenelle EvansThere's nothing I love more than a little bit of juicy Jenelle Evans drama. I mean sure, we thought it was CRAZY when we heard that Jenelle is pregnant with her second child and man, the news that Jenelle was arrested over the weekend after getting into a fight with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, well, that was a slammer (pun intended). But the latest Evans wallop will really knock your socks off: Jenelle has made her Instagram private. As in, she doesn't want random people giving her a piece of their mind, so she's not letting them. Now, only people she "approves" can comment, like, and follow.

The Teen Mom star took to the popular social media app earlier today to fill her followers in on the change, saying that she just didn't want to deal with cyberbullies anymore.

Okay. Well. Let me first comment on the "I post photos for you guys to update you" tidbit. I respect that as a celebrity (and I use the term celebrity very loosely) she's trying to keep her fans in the loops. But have ya'll see the types of things Jenelle posts on her feed? It's safe to say that 99 percent of the photos are selfies! Although I do enjoy any photo that involves Jace, myself.

I hate to be the deliverer of bad news, Nell, but cyberbullying comes with the territory of being on a hit MTV show, or any show for that matter. Jenelle decided to put herself out there back then when the show was on air, and she continues to put herself out there on all forms of social media. Granted the mom-to-be is entitled to a little privacy, but yelling at your fans isn't exactly a sweet gesture.

Although I will say this -- taking a step back right now is probably a great idea. Do you, Jenelle. If you don't there could be some scary repercussions.

Do you think Jenelle was right to go "private" on Instagram? Do you follow her?


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nonmember avatar lilah

What a privilege it was! This will teach us not to call her a drugged up, failure as a mother and human being.
Bet she won't last a week without the attention.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

It's about time she shut up. Who cares? She is an unfit mother, a drug addict and she thinks she is a star or something. She is a disgrace and she is the one who showed the world what a rotten mother and daughter she is, so what does she expect from what she calls her "fans", I really don't think she has fans.

Laura Van Melle

This is definitely a smart move, and the people who do bully her really ought to be ashamed of the things they say. She does have fans, but it isn't easy to scroll through a ton of hate-filled comments just to find the good things people will write. Give her a break! She has profound issues that make her act the way she does.

nonmember avatar tiffany

Do you blame her?! Who wants to read some of those horrible comments people have. None of us are perfect yet everyone acts like they are. Yea, she's had her fair share of mistakes like going on mtv. Who hasn't?! She pregnant and bi polar. So with alot of those bi polar meds you can't take while pregnant! So controlling your anger and episodes aren't easy. Without your meds. So get off her back and let her be.

nonmember avatar anna

tiffany She's been pregnant a few weeks but off her bi polar meds for months. She said on face book back in feb. she believes was misdiagnosed (painfully obvious she wasn't) and is not taking them.

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