Lamar Odom Claims HE'S the One Who Divorced Khloe Kardashian!

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khloe and lamarBefore the Mont Blanc ink was dry on Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's divorce papers, the rumors started. Khloe is dating someone new already! Lamar blames his friends for his divorce, because they're the ones who brought women around! And now today, we have another one: Lamar says he dumped Khloe before she filed for divorce. Or, as you and I likely read it: Lamar feels like a loser, so he's trying to save face in the most middle school-worthy of ways.

When Khloe sat him down to ask him for a divorce, did it go something like this:

Khloe: Lamar, I want a div--

Lamar: I want a divorce! I said it first!

According to the TMZ, Lamar is claiming that he initiated the break-up with his wife, as opposed to the other way around. There have been various stories floating around on the Internet -- he thinks Khloe brings out the bad side of him; he wants to be married to his basketball career again -- but this, to me, is the most ridiculous of all. He broke up with Khloe? Shut it down, dude! You sound ridiculous.

More from The Stir: Lamar Odom's Excuse for Cheating is Another Reason The Marriage Was Doomed

Clearly, Lamar is nowhere near being on the mend. Save for a few occasions, the man hasn't displayed an ounce of humility or remorse for what he's done throughout this entire ordeal. He's done nothing but blame his actions on other people, and now he has the audacity to make the divorce look like his doing. Insane.

If Khloe had any doubts about whether divorcing Lamar was the right move or not, I think this ought to quell any anxieties. Khloe, you're better than this. And Lamar, hope you and your basketball career live happily ever after. (But Basketball Career, I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you.)

Do you think Lamar wants to be divorced from Khloe?


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adamat34 adamat34


nonmember avatar tina

Yes. And I'm going to say yes to the fact that he statred the divorce too. I mean really the guy cheated on her (several times), that screams "I don't want to be with you." Just saying. Really who would wants to be with either of them. What a mess of a life. Good thing they didn't have any kids.

nonmember avatar maria

Lamar is a stupid man , he had it all with Khloe she did everything for him, she is too good for a dumb ass like him, she needs a reall man someone that will love her the way she deserves!!! Lamar you are a nobody without Khloe!!

nonmember avatar Jacqueline Pere

Omg this makes me soo mad like are you kidding me ahe tried soooo hard to stand by you and u didnt get your crap together and u humiliated her and made her govthrough so much and your still gonna say crap like you divorced her cmon your not a man your a child and if she is dating someone else good for her she deserves it.

nonmember avatar Pipa duckett

To be honest I think it's a mistake and he is in the wrong for blaming his mates for there break up. He's the one who ended it for a pathetic reason.. Just what I think.

Shondra Giles

I think we need to stay out of it because this is between them not them and the world.

nonmember avatar jenn

I love them, but he fucked up.. he lost a good one by his side STUPID

Shelley Aron Sebastian

AND THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!  WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Hey Lamar, Call Jaime and maybe yall can smoke crack and make a new rap video...FUCKING LOSERS!


Nikki Matchett

lol Shelley, first of all....I hated Jamie from the get go...letting another man support him,, For Gods sakes.....anyway, I agreed with Bruce from the get go about this marriage...sports men seem to be all cheaters...although he is way better than Kanye....I think Khloe is better off without him, and she was the first one to ask for a  D-I-V-O-R-C-E........NOT way to go girl...get away from him as fast as you can..sometimes Love just ain't enough...I think he was into that way before he got married...and for him to have the balls to say *it was his friends that caused him to cheat cause they brought the girls around*..umm if they brought him a bridge and said lets jump off of it..would least everyone knows his name now...before that he was a no name...grrrr to him..I do hope he gets better to save his life for his children...but other than that, he can crawl back under the rock that he slithered out from under...WE LOVE YOU KHLOE :)

Nikki Matchett

@Shondra Giles....Unfortunately their relationship was out there for everyone to see...he made it totally public about his cheating when he posted that video on youtube, with that loser jamie, he was sitting there recording it....I believe jamie is glad that they are broke up now, so he can continue to be supported and be a *kept* man by his b/f Lamar....good riddance to the both of them...I hope the rumors are true that Khloe has a new man...way to go girl :) Shondra, thats why its out there in the world...and we all care about Khloe, not that I know her or anything..but have been a fan of hers since they came on tv.

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