What Brandi Glanville & Bethenny Frankel Have in Common (VIDEO)

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Brandi Glanville OMG, did you hear about the O.L.G.?? We've got a new term, thanks to Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I like it almost as much as "Thug in a Cocktail Dress".

This week in Atlanta, the drama gets so deep you can smell it, and then we've got sudden whiplash. Plus, why Beverly Hills is becoming more and more like New York, why producers are not happy with LuAnn deLesseps, and why Brandi Glanville and Bethenny Frankel are both doing damage control.

Could you believe Mama Joyce's turnaround with Kandi? I'm still scratching my head over that one. In today's exclusive video below, I discuss what led Mama to browbeat Phaedra Parks over the introduction of Todd to Kandi, and how reality TV can sometimes keep fibbers honest.

Cynthia Bailey

I do believe it's time for a girls' trip!! Porsha Stewart debated the $3,500 shoes over the $7,000 sandals, and Nene Leakes was trying to keep her cool about all the girls turning up late. There's more on that in the video, and why it's all entertaining whether you look at the behind-the-scenes reason or take Kenya Moore and her meltdown at face value.

I really, truly don't know what to say about Beverly Hills, but I try to connect the dots for all of us. Whether it's Christians attacking Wiccans or Brandi attacking the world ... there's a lot of toxicity in Palm Springs, no? I give my take on the pool drama as well as the fallout from Brandi's racist comments, and break down for you exactly how those public appearances work.

Bethenny Frankel

Finally, Bethenny Frankel is also doing damage control this week -- I discuss what may or may not have started all that TMZ nonsense.

Are you excited for the return of The Real Housewives of New York?


Images via Bravo; Instagram/bethennyfrankel

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Kathy Woods

Seriously, are people still watching NY?  I live here and I don't watch.  Haven't in a while.  Am I excited afor their return?  Frankly, couldn't care less!

Cynthia Beaumont

I'm excited to see them but not all of them! I did not know she dumped Jock ! That is a shock! I HATE Brandi ! Glad to see her bad behave is finally catching up with her! 

nonmember avatar Carolyn

Alex this blogging your doing us terrific! Your doing an exceptional job!

PamD. PamD.

Now that I have caught up with all the episodes of the Housewives on my DVR can make a comment or two.  Atlanta women and their lateness is out of control.  Especially since this is a job of theirs.  If they worked for me, they would all be gone.  And, friends real or faux do not show up to an event 3 hours late.  One of my pet peaves.  As far as Brandi goes, I am sure that she didn't mean anything bad by the weave comment.  Alex your insight is always appreciated and your writing is just the best.  Keep up the good work and look forward to more of these recaps in the new year.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family.  -Pam

nonmember avatar Lesley

Frankly, all Housewives shows are losing their appeal. Luanne was the only NY wife I wanted gone, but no, so it's hysterical her story line is now gone! What next? And I hear 3 ladies on OC have been removed and we are left with the loudmouth Viki, again, the only one on that location I wanted to see gone. NJ is a hot mess period now. Atlanta lost me after the 1st season, ain't nobody got time for that! And Miami is a bunch of hot headed Latinos who seem to love to be bitchy to each other, nope, they lost me after abotu 3 shows. So...Beverly Hills should still be interesting, but there is a lot of catty BS going on there. Kyle is losing it, Kim is sober but still nuts, Brandi can't hold her tongue OR liquor...... they too are becoming a hot mess.

Diana Stone Criss

Lots of drama, but seriously, Kemya is just mean and vile, Brandi has issue,cube coming a lush and brings total skank to the show. She needs to go. Whatever surgery she has gotten makes her look like a clown and where are all those bruised coming from. I have had enough of Brandi being so mean and stupid. Kenya and her can go! Wouldn't be missed

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