Sean Lowe Admits He 'Strayed' Just Weeks Before Marrying Catherine Giudici

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

In a little over a month Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici will finally tie the knot, and of course we couldn't be happier for them. Even though they were given quite a bit of grief at the beginning of their engagement, they've certainly proven that they're one of those few Bachelor couples who actually beat the odds and wind up in a lasting relationship.

And now they've had their bachelor and bachelorette parties -- and are somewhat patiently counting down the days until they finally become husband and wife. But based on a tweet Sean sent out this past Saturday -- it seems like something fishy could potentially be going on between him and Catherine.

Check it out and see what you make of it.

Uhhhhh ... odd, right? Hmm. His "selfishness causes him to stray." What exactly is Sean referring to, here?

Maybe I'm reading way too much into this statement -- but I have a couple theories as to what this cryptic message means.

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First ... it could mean that Sean and Catherine finally said, "to hell with it," and did the dirty. Giving in to temptation and letting his "waiting for marriage" belief go right out the window would make Sean selfish ... right? Maybe he strayed from the born again virgin thing -- but he knows it's really not that big of a deal and that God will forgive him since he's marrying Catherine in a few weeks. Yeah ... that makes sense.

But there is another more unfortunate possibility. What if Sean strayed from Catherine? What if he did something shady and irresponsible during his bachelor bash out in Jackson Hole with the boys? Or he may have even slipped up behavior-wise the night before he sent the tweet -- considering he was out celebrating a friend's 30th birthday (which he also tweeted about.)

I can't really imagine that Sean is stupid enough to cheat on Catherine and tweet about it, but hey ... you never know. Stranger things have happened as far as reality TV stars go.

Perhaps there's a much more innocent explanation for Sean's words. But given that he talked about "straying" so close to his upcoming wedding, it's hard not to wonder if there's something semi-scandalous going on. (Fingers crossed. I love me some decent drama.)

What (or who) do you think Sean "strayed" from?


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nonmember avatar Stacy

Wow, why are you causing trouble and assuming what that tweet means. I believe it is about his relationship with god. He wouldn't tweet personal business. Stop causing rumors.

nonmember avatar Ihatemoronlikeu

You are idiot and dumb. That was a bible verse . LYou can read that in bible. That was called words of wisdom from the bible. There is nothing to it. Geez, Mary if you just keep going what they are saying and looking at them in a negative way to get hits in your fucking trash blog . You are pathetic . Please get off and leave them alone . You made your share already right from the beginning . Enough is enough!. Get a life.

Stacey Doll

I think it means he strayed from following God closely. This is a common thing to hear if you're a Christian. Sheesh...don't cause so much drama.

nonmember avatar Victorya

The writer is pretty but has an evil heart and mind. She could twist anything from positive to negative. She has been writing negative to this couple from beginning. I wonder what her own life is?

Cathy Super-Witwer

Mary, If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut and stop trying to cause trouble!

Trish Bradshaw

It was a bachelor party, and I am assuming there was alot of drinking so i am guessing Sean probably got drunk and now he feels that he strayed from God. 

Puri Shea

Who cares! My exhusband's brother hired a 3 stripper whom he service was my ex on his bachelor party.... and that of course sexually, drunk when he came home, dropped by coworker, and it was not a good bachelor party if it involved sexually used the stripper w/ some other guys including his married brother... What a sexual disfunctional family I was married too...IF INVOLVED LIKE THIS, there will be no healthy and lasting relationship for the two of you, coz all on his mind is SEX, $$$, and fame!

Sharon Auger

If you were a born again Christian you would know that it likely means that he has strayed from talking to God every day.

nonmember avatar Guest

Mary Fischer at it again and again with her nastiness and generalizing negativity. She must have nothing good to say to successful couples. Why is she permitted to continue writing these awful articles. She should be banded from the stir/cafemom.

nonmember avatar wendy wilson

i guess you have not gone to a pentecostal church those are words that we general we were gone astray and the found get over yourself and stop reading into things that is not what you are implying....

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