'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Blames Latest Arrest on Someone Else -- Of Course

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Jenelle EvansReality TV fans may not have been exactly shocked that Jenelle Evans was arrested over the weekend. After all, the Teen Mom 2 star knows her way around a pair of metal bracelets. But guess who was surprised? Jenelle Evans herself!

It turns out the pregnant reality star wasn't expecting to be hauled in for breaching the peace on Saturday. In fact, Jenelle has come out to say the alleged fight with boyfriend and baby daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith that brought South Carolina cops to her doorstep wasn't at all how it's being described by police. 

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According to reports, Jenelle had locked Nathan out of the house during a fight, and he was making a racket outside because he wanted to get back in. But Jenelle took to Twitter -- hey, it's Jenelle -- to explain away the arrest as a tiff with her annoying neighbors. But the way she explains it, it sounds like cops got the wrong girl -- or guy?:



Jenelle certainly wouldn't be the first person to have annoying neighbors; we've all been there. But her explanation is a little ... odd? If Nathan was the one being too loud, wouldn't he have been the one arrested for breaching the peace?  And she can say the neighbors are annoying, but doesn't the blame STILL lie with her and Nathan for being too darn loud?

The whole thing is awfully fishy ... and awfully sad. Here the Teen Mom star is pregnant and engaged and telling the world she's got her life back on track, when in actuality she just can't stay away from trouble.

Who do you believe? Does Jenelle's explanation make sense to you?


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nonmember avatar mel

I don't believe her for one second. What a liar !

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

I have a neighbor who does that crap. She almost got my husband arrested because our dog was on her leash to close to the road?! The cop that came out had been called out before over her complaining all the time about ignorant stuff with us and another neighbor and dismissed it.

Amy Adams

She will never admit to any wrong doig. It is always the othe persons drugs..who hit her fist, who made he do it She is an Innocent victim always wrongly accused. NO she makes the bad decisions then pretends that there is always someone else to blame. He mom is at fault why she parties so much and lost her kid. Poo Jace ad Poor new kid with he gay porn boyriend. This relation ship will never work out she will be man hoping until she dies. Poor kids will never have a real father figure.

atmsm... atmsmom2011

Eh not my business its her life not mine.

aajm-... aajm-momma

Amy adams proof read much I couldn't even understand 90% of your bashing comment

adamat34 adamat34

If thats the truth...the police would not have arrested her. Shes a mess.

nonmember avatar lilah

And only days ago people were saying she'll do a better job as a mom the second time around.

Spooky80 Spooky80

geeze!!!! jenelle is such a fucking liar!! why cant she just fess up and admitt to her wrong doings like a grown ass adult and drop the innocent act?? jenelle is so full of shit!!

nonmember avatar Joke

This trashbag... I have never in MY life known someone who's such a failure. She doesn't love her son, she has no connection with her kid b/c she has never been around enough. Who MOVES away far from their son? Who moves out of where their son is JUST to dick hop? Who only sees their kid on weekends (that's what she CHOSE with her actions) only this deadbeat. On TOP of that she has always been behind on child support and now gets it suspended? What planet are we on when some people defend this waste of skin b/c "she was young" "Oh she's making an effort" ... No honey, you've ruined that kid and now you're going to ruin another kid?! What is this sh*t trial and error with humans?! Like oh... F*ck that other kid i'm proving everyone wrong and getting pregnant... Just watch. I can't...

Laura Van Melle

They probably do have annoying neighbors, and I'm sure plenty of people want to keep seeing Jenelle getting in trouble. However, getting arrested means that she wasn't being very complient towards the police who she let into the house before hesitating to let them in. I think one reason why she's saying these things is because it's pretty likely the cops are viewing her Twitter page, and she's trying to dodge jailtime. She has problems, and she needs a therapist, especially at this very moment considering that she's unmedicated.

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