'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Blames Latest Arrest on Someone Else -- Of Course

Jenelle EvansReality TV fans may not have been exactly shocked that Jenelle Evans was arrested over the weekend. After all, the Teen Mom 2 star knows her way around a pair of metal bracelets. But guess who was surprised? Jenelle Evans herself!

It turns out the pregnant reality star wasn't expecting to be hauled in for breaching the peace on Saturday. In fact, Jenelle has come out to say the alleged fight with boyfriend and baby daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith that brought South Carolina cops to her doorstep wasn't at all how it's being described by police. 


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According to reports, Jenelle had locked Nathan out of the house during a fight, and he was making a racket outside because he wanted to get back in. But Jenelle took to Twitter -- hey, it's Jenelle -- to explain away the arrest as a tiff with her annoying neighbors. But the way she explains it, it sounds like cops got the wrong girl -- or guy?:



Jenelle certainly wouldn't be the first person to have annoying neighbors; we've all been there. But her explanation is a little ... odd? If Nathan was the one being too loud, wouldn't he have been the one arrested for breaching the peace?  And she can say the neighbors are annoying, but doesn't the blame STILL lie with her and Nathan for being too darn loud?

The whole thing is awfully fishy ... and awfully sad. Here the Teen Mom star is pregnant and engaged and telling the world she's got her life back on track, when in actuality she just can't stay away from trouble.

Who do you believe? Does Jenelle's explanation make sense to you?


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