'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Needs to Shut It

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gregg leakesThough Kenya Moore made countless, shameless efforts to steal the limelight in this week's episode of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta', the real star was absolutely Gregg Leakes. Oh sure, Kenya had her moments, but they were all ghastly. Kenya's 'hits' this week involved (in no order and sans all context) firearms, twerking, and inciting Nene Leakes to a fit of true rage. But none of that came close to touching the sight of Gregg gormless trying on his wife's accessories and then later on, handing her arriving guests roses in the manner of 'The Bachelor'. 

Comparatively speaking, Kenya's been pretty quiet this season. By which I mean most of scenes have featured herself and her bestie/hired-hand Brandon hitting walls and dancing (poorly) to entertain themselves. I really wanted to make it the entire season without talking about that, but it's their thing. It's all they do. It's gotten strange. I kind of had to point out that it was happening. Or at least, it used to happen. 

I can't see Brandon going back to play with Kenya again soon. The woman got giggly and then pointed her gun at him when they were discussing what she should pack for her girls' weekend. Plus, I mean Kenya, everyone knows: Leave the gun, take the cannoli. 

By the end of the episode (as is often the case with these planned lady-excursions) the gang had not even begun their drive to Savannah. Nene was graciously keeping her fiercer angels at bay when her guests made it clear they were going to play it fast and loose in terms of adhering to the 11:00am meet-up time. 

Nene would have let it slide. But then Kenya showed up and wouldn't let it go. I half-expected producers to wheel out a dead horse for her flog. She would've gone at it happily, covering its corpse with welts and droplets of her cocktail. It was all enough to put Nene into a foul mood. I was in a foul mood, so I get it.

What Kenya didn't anticipate was that Kandi Burruss was arriving with emotional baggage large enough to contain a device to bring that dead horse back to join the living. The stress of dealing with her mother's machinations have taken a toll. Kandi and Kenya were getting into it like whoa, setting the stage for the worst (best?) ladies' trip in Housewives history. 

Where does Kenya get off sticking her nose in?


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nonmember avatar Amy

If NeNe wasn't going off about the other girls being late once she got on the bus, then Kenya needed to keep her stupid mouth shut. Then, she goes off like she is the damn queen of all that is holy! SHE NEEDS TO SHUT UP!!! Frankly, I don't know why she is still on the show. Also, she pissed of Kandi. Leave my girl ALONE!!!! Kenya is nothing more than a washed up beauty queen willing to do anything to be in the lime light...EPIC FAIL....

Walter Scott

I'd be pissed too, if everyone was told to show up at 11am and they were three hours late.  I don't blame her for speaking her mind.

ninag... ninag1980

Did anyone else notice Kenya was also late?  According to last nights episode, she arrived at 11:25.  When she was on the bus, she said that they were told to arrive at 10:30.  SO where does she get off thinking she was on time?  Late is late, just because you arrived before everyone else doesnt make you on time.  Please have a seat. 

I dont blame Nene, I would hate to have inconsiderate girlfriends that are up to 3 hours late!  That is beyond.  I would never surround myself with those types of people.  But alas, Bravo is paying them, so they drag their feet out of duty

Bettye Bronner

3 hrs. late is too much. I'd be angry too and would have said something. This is not the first time, remember last season, Ne Ne's dinner party! How long should a person tolerate this behavior without saying something?

Wanda Leverette

I'm not a viewer of these housewives shows but....how does one Become a Housewife when they don't have a Husband?? This is Reality TV, where's the Reality in that missing factor??

Byron Jimenez

And another thing...Brandon has a crush on Apollo and will not press charges because he needs  it as a way to blackmail him into bed in the near future...  I know how a girl thinks!!!!

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