Kristen Stewart May Have Declined Robert Pattinson's Invite Due to New Man

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Kristen StewartThough reports initially said that Kristen Stewart said no to Robert Pattinson's invite to spend Christmas with him to avoid family awkwardness, there may be a new reason for her hesitation now. Rumors are heating up that Kristen's involved in a secret relationship with Lane Garrison, her co-star in Camp X-Ray. Of course, any time Kristen is seen touching, talking to, or even standing next to a good-looking man, especially a co-star, romance gossip is inevitably bound to follow.

But still, you'd think with all the talk about a reconciliation with RPattz, then she turns him down to spend the holidays together, there could be something else brewing and adding fuel to the fire of a budding relationship between her and Lane. I mean, why else would you turn down the chance to spend Christmas in London with Robert Pattinson?!

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Even the fact that Lane said of his co-star that she is a good athlete made headlines and had eyebrows raised about what that really means. Clearly good athlete = we have been secretly dating and I'm desperately in love with her.

“Kristen Stewart is an amazing athlete and an amazing golfer. We built a driving range on the set of Camp X-Ray and she can hit the ball perfectly straight like 220 yards. She’s awesome,” he told Hollywood Life. “Great golfer, she can throw a football pretty well, and she’s really good at basketball. We had a blast -- she was having a great time!”

It's nice to hear that KStew can get away from the prying paparazzi and have fun on set with a co-star. But still, you can't help but wonder if there's anything behind what Garrison is saying (probably not, but just go with it). What started all of this were reports that, in August, Garrison moved into Kristen's Los Feliz mansion.

"Kristen was enjoying Lane's company and he was spending a lot of time with her at her home," a source revealed. "He doesn't live in LA so he moved out of his hotel when they became close and moved into the guest wing of her house in Los Feliz."

Add to this her decline of RPattz's holiday invite, and, well ... who knows whether or not any of this is true, but all signs are pointing to the fact that Kristen's finally moving on from her once tumultuous relationship. If it turns out that Kristen ends up spending the holidays with Lane instead, oh boy, let the insane, obsessive gossip begin!

Do you think part of the reason Kristen turned down Robert's invite was because of her new relationship with Lane?


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flood... flood1971

Lol, Rpatz or whatever you call them, are the most boring actors in the world. Both only have two facial expressions. Bored and more bored. Eeeeccccckkkkk.

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Slow news day?  This is a recycled story.  You're trying to get people pissed off.  This story is pure fiction,

nonmember avatar poetri

This article its totally bulshit,gossip cop already said kristen not dating lane garrison.

nonmember avatar ray

Rob and Kristen always spend Christmas with their own family. Usually spend new years together. Lane is a friend. Girls can have friends too!!

nonmember avatar Yima

Cameron Stewart came out in August and said officially that his sister was not dating Lain he was not living at her house. The story died a death as there is such a thing as slander. She went from Xray to Europe theres never been one hint shes seen any cast SINCE THE FILM WRAPPED
Its about as Likely KS is dating Lain as it is Robs dating Dylan NONE at all

Vivian L. Morrison

If she was secretly seeing Garrison, then she wouldn't of been secretly seeing Pattinson before he left for England and the reports of her dating Garrison have already been debunked

Tona Bonneville

kristen is great, hope her rob are dating. they just go together. she is amazing actress. cant wait to see movies coming year.,  HAPPY NEW YEARr to both kristen stewart and rob pattinson. hope year 2014 is great year for both of them.

Maya Daniel

kristen  THINK!!!!!!!!! about what your week is christmas so why in the bloody hell spend some with rob.rob loves u.he's in love with,he wants you and you want this out.SO WHY NOT PICK UP THE PHONE, CALL ROB, AND TALK THIS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR THE LAST TIME HE LOVES U!NO ONE ELSE.IF HE WAS IN LA AT HIS HOUSE,I SUGGEST THAT U GUYS GO OVER TO EACHOTHER'S HOUSES  AND KISS  OR MAKE LOVE .C'MON SHOW EACHOTHER THAT U GUYS LOVE EACHOTHER.NOW THE BIG QUESTION,DO U LOVE ROB?

nonmember avatar Krystal

And here I thought Hollywood Life was bad. Sheesh you guys are really really bad. Worse than HL by the mile.

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