Ambulance Called to Justin Bieber's House After Girl Found Unconscious

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justin bieberJustin Bieber threw a party. No surprise there. He's 19-years-old -- boy man's got to have lots of parties! But this party came with a little dose of scary and showed what kind of man boy he really is. And I have to say, I'm proud of him. Like Mama Bear kind of proud.

At first I felt a little disappointed after learning that the party at the Biebs' Calabasas home perhaps got a little out of control, at least for one 20-year-old female guest. She reportedly had a little too much to drink and slipped into unconsciousness. But what could have ended up with some kind of Less Than Zero movie situation, turned out just fine. (If you don't get that Less Than Zero reference you would fit in much better at any Justin party than me.) Justin, worried about his female guests' health, called an ambulance instead of just ... you know ... freaking out that he's a celeb and calling the authorities would get him in the gossips. He cared more about the girl!

Major points there! I'm a Belieber even more now. (Of the slightly creepy and way too old variety.)

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The extra good news is that the lucky lady partying too hard at Bieber's house is doing just fine. Apparently before the ambulance even had a chance to arrive, she regained consciousness just in time for Justin to sing her an a capella version of Baby. (I made up that last part because we all know if he did that she'd probably slip back into unconsciousness.) A secret source told UsMagazine, "There's no issue. A call was made out of an abundance of caution, but the woman was given some food and liquids, and she's fine and went home." Such great news considering Justin's been getting himself into a lot of trouble lately.

Too bad Justin didn't just tuck her in her bed and let her sleep it off until his cozy covers. But I'm glad to hear Justin did the right thing, called for help, and put his guest's health first.

Are you surprised that Justin was such a caring host?


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Diane Harrison

You're "mama bear" proud of this kid? I'm (as a mama) hoping he gets charges brought against him for supplying alochol to a minor. He's 19...she's 20. Um....they're BOTH underage. Wth?!?!?

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Hahaha Diane, obviously we're entirely too old fashioned and think WAY inside the box here. I have to say, I will always encourage my kids to do the same if they ever find themselves in that sort of situation, BUT he should still face whatever consequences any regular person would. He'll never learn anything constantly getting off the hook like he does.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I'm sure he was more concerned about the negative publicity he would get if a girl died at his party.

Diane Harrison

No, I COMPLETELY agree he did the right thing by calling an ambulance. Absolutely. I'm just saying I hope that he now gets brought up on charges for providing alcohol to a minor. 

kisse... kisses5050

 somehow I am thinking the call came from someone other than him

Punki... Punkindrublic

I think you can make a call about a possible overdose without the fear of prosecution.

Panda... PandaPop83

Wait, you think he should get in trouble for supplying her beer? First, he's not even legal to drink himself. Second, she's just a year older than he is, if anything, she should have known better. I don't agree with one teen being held accountable for what another teen does. Heck, the girl is no longer a teen. She made her choice, and so did he. Somehow your all overlooking the adult that supplied the alcohol while bowing down to his highness Prince Beiber. If people really cared for him, they would have told his ass NO!

Panda... PandaPop83

Aside from my previous comment, I commend him for putting this girl's needs before his social status.

nonmember avatar canadagirl

not sure where this happened, but if it was in canada, the legal age to drink is 19.

nonmember avatar Steph

.. Justin beiber is Canadian. It doesn't say where the party was but drinking age here is 19 in most provinces and 18 in others. So it seems likely to me that he wasn't doing anything illegal in the first place.

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