Farrah Abraham Reacts to Jenelle Evans' Second Pregnancy in Most Hypocritical Way Possible

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Jenelle EvansNow that we've all finally come to terms with the fact that Jenelle Evans is indeed pregnant for the second time, of course her fellow Teen Moms would have something to say about it. And it seems the first to come out with her oh-so-profound thoughts is the one and only Farrah Abraham.

Of course, she had to do it in the most passive-aggressive way possible. What began as what appeared to be sincere well wishes, the Backdoor Teen Mom said: "I wish Jenelle all the health and happiness through her second pregnancy."

She should have stopped then and there, but because she's Farrah, she didn't. Farrah went on to diss Jenelle, exclusively to Radar Online, saying what we were all thinking, but still sounding like a raging hypocrite while doing so.

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"I hope she is taking this pregnancy more serious with planning financial security, a stable home, and saying goodbye to unproductive actions and saying hello to a better future," she continued.

Everyone (at least everyone who follows Teen Mom gossip) is well aware that Jenelle no longer has custody of her son Jace, and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith also doesn't have custody of his daughter Emery. Jenelle also has a history of substance abuse issues, and friends of hers were worried that she's been drinking during her pregnancy.

Though Jenelle definitely has made her fair share of mistakes, you can't help but raise an eyebrow heaven-ward when it's Farrah hoping that Jenelle says "goodbye to unproductive actions," considering the shenanigans she's also pulled (back-door sex tape and line of sex toys and posing in magazines with corpse dolls immediately coming to mind). Jenelle responded to these rumors a couple days ago and said she has definitely not been drinking or partying since finding out she was pregnant.

We can only hope that Jenelle is telling the truth and staying sober throughout her pregnancy. And that she's trying to get her life together and perhaps repairing her relationship with Jace before the birth of her new baby. She even took the high road and thought Farrah actually didn't say anything wrong:

*Shrugs* Still, the fact that it's Farrah of all people criticizing Jenelle's choices under the veil of complimenting her goes to show that perhaps Farrah should take a look at her own life (and unproductive actions) before judging others'.

Do you agree with what Farrah said about Jenelle's pregnancy?


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Punch... Punchyobuns

Isn't it her third pregnancy? I thought she recently miscarried.

Caitl... Caitlin322

@Punchyobuns - Yes, it is Jenelle's 3rd confirmed pregnancy (although apparently many people believe that the second pregnancy and miscarriage was faked for publicity).

I don't care one way or the other about the story itself- Farrah can (and will, as she repeatedly demonstrates) say whatever comes in to her head.  I hope that Jenelle is and has been sober, at least since finding out that she was pregnant, and I hope that she can maintain sobriety in the future... but even if she has been drinking or partying during her pregnancy, I think it's pretty messed up that anyone who calls themselves a "friend" would go and talk to radar or whatever other gossip publication- especially if they're doing it in exchange for money.

Mary Fowler

And now she got arrested( again) last night in Myrtle Beach SC.

Ether... Ethereal77

I agree with her, however, Farrah needs to heed her own advice as well. She spent too much time focusing on finding a boyfriend instead of what she should have been doing as a mom.

nonmember avatar mdray

The ONLY reason Farrah still has custody of Sophia is because her father makes it possible by taking care of her while Farrah "does her own thing". Babs wouldn't play that game with Jenelle. If she was going to raise Jace, then she wanted custody. Yeah, Farrah has some nerve....absolutely no room to talk & needs to learn to just SHUT UP.

nonmember avatar Mary

Ya, Farrah should be taking her own advice. Nothing she has done so far qualifies her to give "being a good mom " advice.

Kimberly Blackburn Lindsey

Ok Farrah for one doesnt have anything to say when she is the master of mistakes so she needs to lay off Jenelle

Debra Washington

ok every body is human and make mistake so just stop all the sinning by talking about peopl ok both of them make mistake but god has the finally word.

Betty Jo Rose Curlee

I don't know about Jenelle but where is Social Services at hre mother is not fit to be Jace's guardian! He needs to be taken and put in a safe environment

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