It's Official: Khloe Kardashian Files for Divorce From Lamar Odom

Khloe KardashianSad news today for Khloe Kardashian. Or maybe it's good news. Depends on how you look at it. TMZ reports that Khloe has filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Lamar Odom. TMZ had reported earlier that today was the day (say what you like but TMZ seems to have a lot of sources in their backpockets) and it appears they were right.


The documents were filed by Khloe's famous lawyer, Laura Wasser, who also represented many celebrities, including Heidi Klum and Ashton Kutcher and even sister Kim, in their divorce petitions. Khloe cited "irreconcilable differences."

Khloe is not asking for any spousal support from Lamar, and she is asking the judge to block any requests for spousal support for him. The two reportedly had an iron-clad pre-nup which means neither one will owe the other one anything. Certainly Khloe has the financial leg up on Lamar, but I hope he does the right thing and walks away.

She has also asked Odom legally be removed from her last name.

The last straw for Khloe was reportedly when Lamar rapped with his friend Jamie about cheating on Khloe. That was so stupid and disrespectful that it's almost like was begging Khloe to file.

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No one gets married thinking they will get divorced, so no matter what the other party has done, or how much he or she has hurt you, it's always devastating. Even when you are the one to file -- in fact, the other party may not be as devastated and just willing to drag things along eternally, since he or she is the one wreaking all of the havoc.

It's sad that this comes so close to Christmas, but considering they wouldn't have spent it together anyway, might as well get it over with.

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Khloe must have finally realized that you can't rescue anyone who doesn't want to be rescued. People have to help themselves. And if they are unwilling to do that, then you have to do a cost-benefit analysis on your marriage, and your emotional, financial, and spiritual health.

Obviously, Khloe has decided that it wasn't worth it. I have no doubt she did everything she could not to get to this point.

Some people will say you stick with a marriage no matter what, but it takes two to be in a marriage. When one abandons it, it's just masochistic to stay in it yourself.

Perhaps Khloe's fertility issues were the universe's way of letting her know this wasn't the marriage for her. I wish her the best and have no doubt better things are coming.

Are you glad it's finally over?


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