Lamar Odom's Lies Left Khloe Kardashian With No Choice but to Divorce Him

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khloe kardashian lamar odomWell, folks, it's official: Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom today. As the world reacts with a collective "Took 'er long enough!" details are emerging that Khloe tried very hard to save the marriage by going with Lamar to couples therapy. Which is super-admirable. But it was actually what went down with their therapist that lead to Khloe saying enough is enough, a source tells exclusively.

Apparently, Lamar was lying in their therapy sessions, and how's this for another bombshell?! It was there that he admitted to being so drunk in that "cheating" confession rap video that he didn't even remember what he said in it. Ugh.

The source, a friend of the Kardashian family, elaborated:

The therapist made it clear that the only way their marriage could be saved was if both Khloe and Lamar were 100 percent honest during their sessions. ... [Lamar] took no responsibility for [the rap video] whatsoever, and that’s what Khloe is so outraged about — his unwillingness to take any responsibility and his complete unwillingness to tell the truth.

What a nightmare ... Who could blame Khloe for feeling that was the last straw? It's one thing to have communication issues, but if your spouse acts like a petulant child who can't admit he screwed up and refuses to be honest, there aren't very many options left. I feel like there are a lot of problems that can chip away at a relationship/marriage, but dishonesty and a lack of trust are two total dealbreakers. Without them, it really can be impossible to fix what's been broken.

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The real reason Khloe and Lamar split seems to prove that. The source continued:

If Lamar had been honest, no matter how much it hurt, she would have stuck it out with him. She kept giving him chances and their therapist encouraged Khloe to file for divorce if Lamar wasn’t going to at least meet her halfway.

Marriage is nothing if not a partnership. Sure, we all find ourselves occasionally pulling the bulk of the weight at one time or another, but 9 times out of 10, both parties have to show up, be willing to meet in the middle and own their mistakes to keep a relationship afloat. If Lamar had really wanted Khloe to stay, he would've done all of the above, but sadly, in the end, it sounds like he didn't want it badly enough. Oh well. The good news is that now, Khloe's so much better off!

What was the final straw for you when you ended a relationship?

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nonmember avatar Wanda R Pinkney

Khloe You are loved and respected for you willingness to work it out and your courage to know, when it's time to let go. Stay strong you are loved and abmired.

nonmember avatar wramos

I love khloe she is my favorite kardashian always has been always will be because she reminds me of me. U r real to urself and others and it hurts when the one u love isn't on the same level anymore and she knows when enough is enough but u gotta give it to her for trying for so long to get things right with Lamar. I wish her the very best and one day she will find her mr right love u khloe

nonmember avatar Vee

i'm a Kardashian fan & 2 b more specific a Khloe fan...Khloe z my favourite n it pains me to hear that she n Lamar aint working out...... buh my question is why is the blame all on Lamar?... I rily dnt gt ths

nonmember avatar Jessica Bortz

She's too good for him anyway! Glad she finally feels confident in herself;) she's always been my favorite!

nonmember avatar Elisa

Honestly I hav been kind of in the same boat not cheating but the drug abuse ... What made me stay it was the willing to change for us his fam & now been together for 10 yrs ... Now for Kloe I applaud u many women sit & take the abuse for yrs & yrs but not u r an example to every women out there ... U were stepped on cheated on drug abuse was involved & u still wanted to work it out ... It's a shame he didn't but it will a life lesson for him when he comes around if ever ... I'm sooooooo proud of u & in due time u will get ur Prince Charming because u deserve it & much more ... God bless u in every way !!!!! Bless u Kloe now I look up to u even more ... By ur #1 fan ... Luv u

nonmember avatar noname

Khloe's divorce is all made for tv. I'm a bit shocked that the readers here are so thick headed that they haven't figured it out. Everything the Kardashian family does is for their "show" ratings which translates to $$$$ and a LOT of it. Khloe is far from hurt or upset, don't be so blind. I know all the above to be FACTS. Anything you read or hear related to suffering of the family is anything but... They calculate their lives for the show and to publish articles that are sympathizing with this vile family shows the stupidity that has become AmeriKa.

rakkel rakkel

who cares about the kardashians! its all about the money there ridiculous and stupid!

Sheila Krupski

glad and very Happy you see the light nDUMP that LAM at last! YAAAAA

nonmember avatar Audrey

I think that this was in the makings from the start. Klohe and her wicked Moma arranged the whole LaMar downfall. If LaMar is really on any kind of Drugs, it was manipulated by Klohe and her brother (Rob). Why do you think that he has gained so much weight. GUILT!
Remember the (PIG)in "The Amityville Horror"?
Anyway, the Kardishians are nothing but a clan of WHORES and as soon as my Brother start thinking with their Brains and NOT their Penis, they will be free from Golddiggers. Anybody can sleep with a WHORE; Ask Kim.
Klohe and Rob's eyes look more Drugafied, than LaMar's.
I think that his Family need to investigate this Matter, Immediately, because before this, we never heard of LaMar on Drugs.
His Missing in Action probably stimmed from him running away from the Devils within his household and Klohe planned it that way.
Those Kardishians are NOT GOOD PEOPLE!
Stay away from them, My Brothers!

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