'Walking Dead': Carol's Big Twist May Have Been a Cover-Up

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Walking Dead CarolIf you're caught up with season 4 of The Walking Dead (stop reading now if you aren't!), you know one of our favorite characters got banished from the prison community after it was revealed she murdered two of her fellow survivors. In what has maybe been this season's most surprising twist so far, Carol flat-out admitted that she killed Karen and David to save the rest of the group from infection, and Rick subsequently banished her from the prison.

There's been no real reason to suspect that Carol's confession wasn't the truth, but a few episodes before the midseason finale I started thinking there was more to the story. I'm very rarely right about these things, but it's sounding like other viewers share the same crazy theory I have about who REALLY took out Karen and David -- and a recent interview with showrunner Scott Gimple seems to support this idea.

Okay, so here's the hypothesis: Lizzie was the murderer. You know, the little girl Carol sort of took under her wing, the one Carol chided for being weak, the one who doesn't believe the walkers are really dead, the one who creepily dug her foot around in a puddle of blood during the "Internment" episode, the one who joined her sister in gunning down Alisha during the midseason finale while looking like a BAMF?

It's a little out there, but I could definitely see Carol covering up for Lizzie, and taking the punishment instead of allowing it to happen to the girl. Thinking back on the "Infected" episode, which is when Lizzie's father died, Lizzie's sister Mika tells Carol that Lizzie is "messed up,'' and Tyreese ultimately discovers Karen and David's burned corpses, the timing would have had to have gone down like this:

• Lizzie can't bring herself to kill her zombified father
• Karen gets quarantined with David in the cell block
• Lizzie talks to Carol by the fence and runs away after Carol tells her she's weak
• Carol sees her again by the fence later, and puts a flower in her hair. Lizzie takes the knife from Carol's hand, and puts it in her belt.
• Lizzie immediately takes off to go stab Karen and David to death then burns their bodies.

Oooh, you know what, I think I've just convinced myself -- I'd forgotten about the knife thing until just now.

Here also is a very interesting comment from Scott Gimple about the moment when Lizzie shoots Alisha in the head:

It seemed very natural that [Carol] would settle into the role that she did this season as a very determined protector of the prison, and especially the children of the prison. And though she wasn't in the midseason finale, we could feel her presence. I like to say that scene, however sensational it is in the moment, was there to serve that Carol story. We'll be addressing that in the future. It's all part of a greater story. It's important to know that that wasn't just some big sensational moment.

Show creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that "Carol will definitely return before the end of the season." I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to see how this all plays out. After the midseason finale, our prison community has scattered to the winds -- but what will happen if the Lizzie theory turns out to be true? Will Carol be welcomed back? How will Tyreese react? For the comics fans, do you think it's possible Lizzie has taken the place of Ben, and Carl will be the one who ends up delivering justice? SO MANY QUESTIONS WHY IS IT NOT FEBRUARY YET.

What do you think about this theory? Are you on board?

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Bubsy Bubsy

This is my theory too! Except I think after she stabbed them, she either told Carol or Carol found out and burned the bodies to cover up what she did, and then took responsibility to protect her (because I don't think she was big enough to drag out the bodies alone). Then, if you remember, afterwards that little girl was quarantined with the people who were sick which alludes to the fact that she was 'exposed' to the sickness which happened when she killed them because everyone in the prison took strong measures for the kids NOT to be exposed. 

Sarah Dietz Bagley

WHY IS IT NOT FEBRUARY IS RIGHT!!! Ugh, it's so hard to wait!!!


Omg Bubsy I think you're right! And February is too far away!

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

In my loudest whiny little girl having a tantrum in toys r us voice, "Whyyyyyyyyy is it not February yet" "I want Zombies". Omfg I can't love this show more then I do. I think I go threw with drawals when the seasons break and end. I'm almost caught up with the comics. I think I'm addicted. embarrassed 

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I've had the same theory about the girl being the killer and here's why.

Remember when Tyreese shows Rick and Daryl something he found, I think it was a dead rat, and said he believed the killer did it and Rick and Daryl were like no it couldn't be related because the killer is gone...

I think that was foreshadowing to the fact that Carol didnt really kill them.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

^ and the only people Carol would cover up for is those girls.

nonmember avatar faith

One problem with that - how did she drag both bodies outside to burn them?

nonmember avatar Kate

Oh yeah, I'm so on board with this, although I agree with the posters who think Carol may have been involved in the cover-up given how hard it would have been for Lizzie to drag and burn the bodies. If Carol had actually done it, she could have killed them and simply told every one that they died and turned. Who would have questioned her?

Rowenna Mathis

Maybe the girl DID kill them, and Carol burned the bodies so that there was no evidence to point to the girl.

Alexandrìa Davis

idk i still think Carol did it. She's really come into her own and stepped up. No one knew what was going on in the hysteria of the illness. She was doing what had to be done, I don't think they would have lasted in time to get medical attention. Lizzie doesn't seems strong enough to drag them all the way there. The theory makes sense up until the part where she'd have to drag them.

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