Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson's First '50 Shades' Kiss Caught on Film (VIDEO)

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dakota johnson jamie dornan set 50 shadesWe've seen the paparazzi shots of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson filming their first scenes as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. We've even seen what may be a sneak peek of the Red Room of Pain, thanks to E.L. James' growing Instagram habit. But we've yet to see live action footage from the set ... until now!

Splash News captured the pair enacting the entire scene, which reports say is the one where they say their goodbyes after Ana's been presented with the notorious BDSM contract. And while you can't hear them delivering their lines, it's pretty much the closest thing we've gotten to an actual scene from the flick.

Check it out ...

Well before we knew who would be playing Ana and Christian, one of the biggest worries from fans has been that the two wouldn't have the right chemistry. Granted, this is early in the movie, well before their relationship has actually, err, blossomed into all that much, and sure,  this footage was taken across the street from where the crew was filming ... But I see a spark!

Judging from this, there's no need to worry about these two heating up the big screen 14 months from now!

What do you think about this footage? Do you sense chemistry between Jamie and Dakota?


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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Wendy Cannell-Nottage

Except their first kiss is not when Anna leaves Christian's office. It is in the elevator

kryst... krystlzd3

Yep, first kiss was in an elevator. "Screw the paperwork"

Karen Yager

The movie is not going to be exactly the same as book! They have to speed it up other wise the movie would be nine hours long. It's  fiction remember!

nonmember avatar misty

they r talking about the first kiss filmed not the first kiss ever in the book they dont film the movie in order

nonmember avatar Ashley

I don't ever remember Grey Enterprises being next to a busy road.

Deborah Baker

What happened to the electric charge that sparks between Ana and Christian whenever they are near each other? Yawn yawn so far. Coudn't the production company find a LIGHT BLUE BEETLE? Where in the book does it say that Ana wears a trench coat? Doesn't Christian give her his jacket (with the email inside the pocket that Kate finds) when they come out of the Heathman after dinner NOT the Grey office building? Did the screenwriter even read these books?

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