Emmy Rossum Hilariously Spoofs Gisele's 'Multitasking' Breastfeeding Pic (PHOTO)


Remember the photo from earlier this week by supermodel Gisele Bundchen in which she was being mercilessly pampered while breastfeeding her 1-year-old daughter Vivian? The one she captioned with the hashtag “multitasking”?

Well Emmy Rossum just totally made my day by posting an awesome spoof to her Instagram feed.

The Shameless star copied Gisele’s exact pose, right down to the fluffy white robe and three beauty technicians working on her hair, nails, and makeup. She even seems to be nursing a baby, which is odd because Emmy isn’t a mother.

But her caption explains it all:

Hey @giseleofficial, I feel ya girl. #kidding #fakebaby #soymilk #shameless

Bwahahaha! Well played, Emmy … well played.

Did you want to poke fun at Gisele's picture?


Image via emmyrossum/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Allyson

But that's Gisele's reality, that's her way of multitasking, that's her life, either you like it or not. Just because she's not a struggling mother doesn't mean she's a bad mother. Or that YOU are a better mother than she is just because your life is different from hers. She posted a picture on Instagram, with a silly hashtag which is, at the end of they, what everybody does on Instagram. Shouldn't you and all the other moms offended by this (gorgeous!) picture be concentrated on raising your childs? Perhaps if you all spend less time bickering about something so random as this you would have time to do one task at a time, instead of multitasking as the superheroes you all proclaim to be...

Kelli Stephens Martin

I agree with Allyson, Gisele's life is NOT yours.  Sure she's rich and married to a football God  (go Patriots!) Sounds like a great life.  Does she take her kids on allllll her work trips?  I love TB but why doesn't HE take Jack with him on business trips?  I'm old and my kids are grown, so as a Mom, let me tell you, breastfeeding was NOT for me.  I'm more irked by her "breastfeeding law" comment than anything else.  I really didn't see this coming.  Cafe Mom's mocking a breastfeeding Mom.  How good are YOU at sitting totally still while having a breastfeeding baby on your lap?juggling

nonmember avatar Kate

The problem everyone has with Giselle is not that she's famous, it's that she talks down to everyone in the form of advice. It's actually fairly patronizing and she's kind of a jerk about it a lot.

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