Oops, Britney Spears Said Something Dumb Again (VIDEO)

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I've realized something about Britney Spears: It's really not fair to ask her hard questions. And I'm not talking about, like, making her do calculus or remember important dates from World War I; I mean, it's not fair to ask her tricky questions. Such as: "What do you like about Latino men?" Which is exactly what the host of Univision's Despierta America asked Brit during a recent interview about -- well, about a whole sh*t ton of stuff, from her kids to her love life to her new Vegas gig. But nobody's gonna remember her answers about any of that stuff, cause all they're gonna remember is what she said about sexy, macho Latino men. Ay dios mio!!

Now, what she said wasn't that bad -- not really, considering the aforementioned trickiness of the question -- but it wasn't politically correct, strictly speaking. This is what she said:

"I've always loved Latinos. They make me think of a bad boy type that your father wouldn't let you go out with."

Oh. Britney. Oh, honey. You don't know. You just don't know any better, do you?? I mean, let's think about this for a second. There's really NO politically correct way to answer that question, first of all -- what the hell could she have said that would have been less offensive? Even "I like their sexy accents!" sounds borderline racist. The only appropriate, completely benign response would have been something like, "Well, I certainly wouldn't want to generalize! But I like your handsome eyes, Latino interviewer guy!" 

Watch the video for yourself -- you'll see what I mean: 

See what I'm talking about? The poor girl, she was just trying to be charming. She can't help it if she's ... Britney Spears.

Do you think Britney Spears' comment about Latino men was racist?


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Mark Cox

racist?..someone was reaching for a column wasnt she..god almighty

nonmember avatar jen

Who expects Britney to be smart? Anyone??!!??

epuffer epuffer

i dont see anything racist in that

mommy... mommymix0820

definitely not racist 

nonmember avatar Amber

Saying "I like their sexy accent's" is borderline racist? Lady, seriously? I have never commented on a blog EVER, but you mam, are a special kinda stupid. I'm done with the STIR.

Chris... Chrissy_Lynn

How is that racist? I know A LOT of Latino men and more then half are bad boys that my parents would not want me to date.

nonmember avatar Courtney

Definitely don't see how this is racist at all, especially when the video clearly depicts a happy Latino man when she responds. I think your a little far fetched on this column & it needs to be taken down! Two thumbs down from me...& based on the above comments I'm not the only one!!! You should be fired! But then again, your just like the rest of many bloggers & news people...searching for attention & hoping to grab whoever believes your words...losers. Your the reason society has gone down...besides our lousy government. Why people have to find every bs reason to complain like 3 year old tattle tales!! Boo!! Shame on you..

RVTMommy RVTMommy

The Stir bloggers make me feel extremely confidant that I could be a very successful journalist!

nonmember avatar Tampa

lol,,,if your definition of hot bad boys is: short,swarthy,criminal and doesn't bathe regulary-then go ahead and date julio,hector and juan-knock yourselves out ladies!

Nelli... NellieAthome

There is too much political correctness in the world and there is a big difference between being racist and not being blandly politically correct.

RVTMommy  - only problem is that The Stir bloggers couldn't make it as successful journalists even in this day and age when standards have plummeted :)

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