Bruce Jenner Wants to Make Kris Jealous by Dating This MAJOR Celeb

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bruce jennerWell this may be the most ridiculous thing you hear all day. Hot on the heels of the major news that Madonna and her boyfriend of three years Brahim Zaibat have broken up, Madge may be already seeing someone else. That someone else? None other than Bruce Jenner. Okay, so not quite. But apparently the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has a crush on Madonna, and wants to date her to teach Kris Jenner a lesson!

Ha, if Madonna has a quarter for every man in the world that wanted to date her -- right? But really, can you imagine Madonna and Bruce Jenner DATING?! Because I can, and it's hilarious. He takes her out to a movie, she something to irritate her, he calls her an enslaver and says "SEE IT DOESN'T FEEL NICE, DOES IT?!"

Oh man, the thought of it.

As funny as thinking of Madonna and Bruce together really is, I'm SURE there are other funny couples that can emerge from the Kardashian clan. Off the top of my head, some weird combinations for you:

Khloe Kardashian and Jonah Hill: she would hands-down be a sky scraper next to him. But man would they be the most hilarious couple on the planet. I mean, Khloe's funny on her own -- but with him?! Fabulousness.

Rob Kardashian and Courtney Stodden: Oh god there's no way he could put up with Courtney's BS on a daily basis.

Kendall Jenner and Connor Kennedy: As if Taylor Swift's hate for Kendall Jenner isn't great enough as it is now, can you imagine the throwdown that would happen if word spread that Kendall was dating ANOTHER one of her exes? Good lord.

Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik: He's so awkward can you imagine him standing next to Kris Je ... oh wait, that's already happening.

Who do you think is the most awkward celebrity couple out there?

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Brandon Ramkey

He doesn't want Madonna, he wants to BE Madonna.

Kristen Flores

um who ever wrote this article has some major typo's haha! "she something to irritate her" is actually "SAY something to irritate her" :)

nonmember avatar Julie

I don't believe it, he is sooo ugly. Not that Madonna is good looking, Yuck. But he is uglier that her.

Denice Osborne

jake,of ''the bachelor'' fame&lindsey  lohand!

faith... faith2009123

Hos and bros!!! Trash!! All of them!!!

nonmember avatar Choyce2020

I don't think Madonna would want to date someone who looks more feminine than she looks. Bruce has aged terribly...sorry, he seems like a nice guy but his plastic surgeries were bad.

Alice Monk

I would date Bruce Jenner in a heartbeat...... I think he would make a great companion and fun to be around...... Hit me up Bruce.......

Sandy Castor



nonmember avatar jess garcia

Bruce seems to be a great guy, good personality but I hate to say he has had too many plastic surgeries that just make his face look stretched n unnatural...u would think with as much money as they have they could of found a better plastic surgeon!

hexxuss hexxuss

TY Kristen - that sentence made me have to read it 3-4 times to figure out what it was supposed to say lol.  Spell checking cannot replace proofreading.

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