'50 Shades' Casting Secret Revealed: Paul Walker Wanted to Play Christian Grey

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paul walkerOver a week later, Paul Walker's tragic death continues to feel like a complete shock to his fans, loved ones, and colleagues in Hollywood. And as more information about his passing comes out, so does additional info about his career plans. For instance, reports are surfacing that the actor was interested in nabbing the role of Christian Grey

Entertainment Tonight Canada spoke with the late actor several months back, and he spoke to what it would take to get him to sign on for the hyped part.

Paul said:

It would be really important to have incredible chemistry with whoever the girl was and it couldn't be something you would have to force. I think the people need to spend a lot of time together and intimate time would probably help, you know?

Ha, interesting. Yeah ... he was so right, that was exactly what we were thinking! The actors' chemistry is integral to the flick's success. And we're STILL thinking and hoping and praying that'll be the case, especially as we see the first images of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson together.

At any rate, we know Jamie ultimately ended up trumping Paul for the part -- if he even ended up throwing his hat in the ring at all -- which is fine, because, like he said, perhaps they both ended up having that incredible chemistry with Dakota. (And I also think that at 40, Paul was a smidge too old to play Christian.)

But it's still cool to know that Paul was open-minded about the role (which is more than we can say for quite a few Hollywood hotties), and I'm sure had things worked out differently, he would've been a sexy Christian. Of course, it is particularly sad to look back at this or any of his missed opportunities now. He always struck me as our generation's answer to Paul Newman. And this is just further proof that his life was cut way, way too short. 


Image via Andre Luis/Wikimedia

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Baile... Bailey8307

I am not a fifty shades fan but I would've seen it if Paul played the part! He was just a gorgeous man and I would probably watch him in any sort of romantic part.

nonmember avatar kitkat

Paul may have been 40 but there is no way he looked even close to it. He could have past for Christian Gray

Kim Lovill Gilbert

Uhm, the article that I originally read this from, not here, never said Paul wanted to play the part. They only asked Paul what advice he would give to the person who played Christian Grey. I never read or heard that he was interested in playing the part himself. I don't see him wanting to play a part like that. It's not his style.

Candi Blackwell

Don't know who wrote this but I saw that interview. Paul never said he "wanted" the part. They only asked his opinion about the movie. And also, you are crazy if you think he looked too old to play Christian. It's not so much the type movie he would do, but I wish he could have done it because he walks rings around this Jamie character that eventually landed the part. He can't hold a candle to Paul Walker. But seriously, Paul never said he wanted to do this movie. Let the poor man RIP.

Stacy Montamble Lott

I think he would have been a good Mr Grey, not as good as Ian Somerhalder, but better than the douche nozzle they choose.

nonmember avatar SnowflakeUnique

Paul Walker; an under estimated actor, with a kind soul, who took every role he did to heart. His Self-less character and true appreciation for all he has is clearly apparent when watching his interviews and real life recordings, even to those who may not have appreciated him and his work the way I and other real fans of his do. Since NO ONE actually knows what he was actually thinking, we can't say he would not have taken on the role of Christrian Grey, if it was seriously offered. We do know, he wouldn't want people getting upset about such a thing and we absolutely know that Paul Walker is 100x more attractive, hotter and looks younger than most 30 year olds. So, the comment, "he may have been a smidge too old", is just ridiculous. RIP Paul! Your Memory, amazing talent and kind soul will live on forever in your hard work, the stories of your friends and family as well as the hearts of those you've touched through your charity and that irresistible smile. Thank you, Paul.

❄️~Heather in NH

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Wouldn't he have been too old for the part?

nonmember avatar Kate

OK I DEFINITELY would have seen that!! YUMMMM

3_gir... 3_girls_86

He may have been 40 but he didn't look it. He would have been an awesome CG. RIP Paul Walker.

Trist... TristanMitchael

I would of loved him as Christian! He sure didn't look 40 and I think he could of done the part justice. I'm still saddened by his death :(

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