Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Actually Elope

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kim kardashian E! hollywood reporter breakfastIn addition to showing up looking like a million bucks by wearing gold from head to toe, Kim Kardashian opened up about her relationship with Kanye West at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast yesterday. And no, to our dismay, she didn't reveal that he's a total control freak puppeteering her every move. Boo. Instead, she gushed to E! News about her fiance being her biggest fan. "It's really the best. He really is the most romantic, sweetest person I've ever met in my entire life." Aawww! (Yep, calling you his perfect b**** and rapping about f-ing you hard on a sink is pretty damn romantic!)

Then, when E! dug for wedding details, she got truly candid ...

When asked if the pair would had a plan to fool us all by running off to get hitched over the holidays, Kim responded:

No, not that I know of. But he is the kind of random, spur-of-the-moment type of guy, so you never know.

Whaa? So in other words, she didn't totally dismiss the idea that they COULD forgo the big, pricey affair and just say "I do" in a VIP-only, spontaneous way! Ha! Err, also, have to mention -- that whole "not that I know of" bit? Sounds like the woman has very little control over how she ends up tying the knot this time around, and it's all about what 'Ye wants after all. Ugh.

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Nonetheless, I really do hope they consider eloping. As a recent bride who went through the ringer with family drama, a cash-conscious groom, and all other unforeseen obstacles while planning our nuptials, I almost wish my husband and I had given eloping a bit more thought. (I hate to say it, but Mom, you were right!)

It's an option we tend to think is impossible, because it'll let this relative or that college roommate down, but really, you can make your wedding whatever you want it to be. And opting for a stress-saving plan could be a beautiful, wise way to go!

Given how much Kris Jenner family butting-in and any of the other issues (paparazzi, security, etc.), I'm positive Kimye has to deal with, having a secret, low-key wedding over the holidays could be a brilliant idea. But knowing 'Ye, I doubt he'd be willing to forgo an extravagant affair -- even if it means saving loads of stress.

Could you see Kimye getting married in a spur-of-the-moment wedding over the holidays? How do you feel about eloping?

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hello... hellokd87

They could have TWO weddings!! One low key ceremony with just them & the baby, maybe close family & another extravagant reception focused wedding with everyone else!! They get the best of both worlds!!

nonmember avatar Cookster

I wish they would elope only to stay away
permanently so we don't have to see their pics everywhere we go.

MrsPe... MrsPerez_2011

Who are we to judge? Elope, small ceremony, lavish wedding, as long as they are happy. People seem to forget that being rich and famous can be a hinderance as well as a blessing. Saying hateful things and judging people for their position in life is a childish, ignorant way to be. I pray that they live happy, fullfilling lives, &, that they raise their child(ren) with goodness, &, light. God Bless them!

nonmember avatar Sailor12

Good and don't come back.

nonmember avatar Sandy

Your right people who say mean things are just jealous! I think they should do what makes them happy congrats to them!!!!

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