‘Love Actually 2’ Spoofs the Most Insufferable Holiday Movie Ever Made (VIDEO)

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love actually 2Have I ever told you how much I love the movie Love Actually? Love hate-watching it, ACTUALLY. In my professional opinion, Love Actually is stank like an overripe blue cheese, which is why I kind of enjoy how horrible it is. There's just a special awfulness to it I find almost irresistible. Ooh, show us that scene with Hugh Grant prancing about 10 Downing to "I'm So Excited" again! The only thing better than hate-watching this movie is watching the trailer for Love Actually 2 -- which is out now!

The trailer is out now, that is, not the actual movie. And ACTUALLY, it's not a real movie -- it's a trailer parody. But it would be BRILLIANT (I say in my fake Love Actually English accent) if this were a real movie. It has everything: Violence, danger, magic, bad words, muggles, blood, zombies, hobbits, a pregnancy announcement -- in other words, this would be a rare case in which the sequel is better than the original.

Okay, what they did is create a mashup of the Love Actually cast members' other (superior) movies. Because, as a matter of fact, this probably is what the characters from Love Actually would most likely be up to, two years after their lives came smashing together in the most contrived, painful ways imaginable.

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Which reminds me, we should talk about why I hate Love Actually. Because it brings people together in the most contrived, painful ways imaginable, that's why. But if you want specifics, a single PM going after his much-younger English version of Monica Lewinsky junior staffer, Alan Rickman breaking Emma Thompson's heart (how dare you, Alan!), Colin Firth falling in love with a woman who only knows how to say "yes," a guy who demonstrates his crush on Keira Knightley by being a jerk to her and then doing that Bob Dylan card trick, Laura Linney getting denied the nookie she so clearly deserves -- shall I go on? Oh yeah, skinny-ass bloke travels to the Midwest and gets shagged all on account of his accent. All of these plot lines are invited to kiss my ass, but one at a time, please.

I do like the bit with the little kid, and also Bill Nighy's friendship with his manager. But mostly? All I want for Christmas is for Love Actually 2 to be a real movie.

So are you team Love Actually, or does that movie's foul fumes make you high, too?


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Leigh Anna Clark Young

Awfully harsh on the movie, really.  The spoof was hilarious however!!!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Love Actually is my ALL TIME favorite movie and I watch it every Christmas. So you can take your opinion and shove it!

lulou lulou

I love the movie.  I also love Buzzfeeds analysis of its turtlenecks.

hello... hellokd87

I LOVE this movie!! Then again I am a huge fan of British cinema. It's on my top must watch list for Christmas movies. It's just so sappy & optimistic. My kind of movie!!

Coles... Coles_mom

Love Actually is my favorite movie of all time. I watch it usually about once a week (I edit photos on a computer all day long, so I always have movies playing in the background...don't judge lol!).

nonmember avatar Fiedah

OMG! LA is one of my fave movies ever!


Love Actually is an awesome movie!!!

Baile... Bailey8307

I love that movie! It's not awful it's perfect! Stop the hate!

nonmember avatar nickdiesel

I'm a world record holder in the bench press and Love Actually is my favorite holiday movie. Only people with no hearts don't appreciate this movie.

nonmember avatar Jamie

@noway - you suck (like most others on this board) Love Actually is a crap movie, contrived and soooooo boring and overlong. Four Weddings and Notting Hill was better. You deluded idiots love the McDonald's of cinema. Richard Curtis dropped the ball here. So glads he retired. And stop fu cking calling it a Christmas movie, it isn't!

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