Khloe Kardashian Ditches Her Wedding Ring After Lamar Odom Brags About Cheating (VIDEO)

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Khloe KardashianJust in case you're wondering what EXACTLY it was that Lamar Odom did that made Khloe Kardashian finally decide her marriage was kaput and couldn't be saved, TMZ claims to have the answer. Is it the alleged drug binges? The alleged mistresses? The alleged disappearing acts? All of those no doubt contributed to the demise of this once fairytale union, but apparently it was that drunken rap video Lamar made awhile ago -- you know, the one where he cops to cheating on Khloe -- that made Khloe finally wake up and ditch her wedding ring.

You all remember that video? Well, in case you don't, Lamar and his pal Jamie bafflingly took a video of themselves drunkenly slurring a made-up rap song, and one of Lamar's lines was, "When Khloe's out of town I still be on the DL," which is code for "down low," or cheating.

Whether or not it's true (and does anyone really doubt it is?), talking about cheating on your wife on video -- which then makes its way on to the Internet (of course it did) -- is out-of-control disrespectful. Even if Lamar didn't feel like his marriage was salvageable, why would you embarrass someone who did nothing but love you?

Sources tell TMZ that Khloe saw the video while she was on a plane coming back from Australia, and by the time she reached the U.S., her wedding ring was gonezo.

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She reportedly hasn't worn it since. I will have to take TMZ's word for it since I don't have a Khloe's FingerCam.

TMZ also reports that the pair are definitely getting divorced, but haven't filed yet. Well, if you haven't filed yet, then there's nothing "definite" about it.

Hell, some file and then unfile.

Only time will tell with these two, but it would take a truckload of change on Lamar's part to make up for that stupid video.

Would you stay with a man who did this?


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Would I stay with a man that did this or would I stay with Lamar odom? I would not stay with Lamar Odom as I know that person is going to be very difficult if not impossible to work with. I might stay if the man who did it was willing to fully own up to his mistakes fully and do some deep counseling therapy ... but even then it would be extremely hard and it would depend on if that was my soul mate or not.. He did the same games with the woman he was with before k.k. and she let him. But i don't think Lamar knew he couldn't pull the same games for too long with so much media attention on k.k. i do think he lived in an imaginary world and it all came crashing down on him . He wasn't the husband and dad he needs to be .

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