Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Send 1 Big Snub With Wedding Guest List

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Ok, so this is just plain strange. Would you believe that Dancing With the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd is not invited to Sean Lowe's wedding? Yes ... for reals. When Sean and Catherine Giudici tie the knot on January 26, his former DWTS partner will be nowhere in sight -- something she isn't exactly thrilled about.

After admitting to In Touch that she was left off the guest list, Peta said, "I'm disappointed about it."

Um, of course she is! And for the life of me, I just can't come up with a good reason for why she was not invited -- which is why I might just believe sources who say Catherine is to blame for the snub.

Supposedly she was very jealous of the relationship that developed between Sean and Peta during DWTS -- and she didn't like "competing for his affection." And that's why she apparently doesn't want Peta anywhere near Sean on her big day.

If that's really the case, then Catherine and Sean's marriage is really starting off on the wrong foot. Jealousy is never a good thing -- and it could indicate an underlying trust issue between the two of them. I mean, Sean is marrying Catherine, not Peta. Why should she be opposed to Peta being there to help them celebrate unless she believes more went on between her and Sean than dancing?

Peta is even supposedly dating Brant Daugherty, her latest DWTS partner -- so what does Catherine have to be jealous of other than something that happened in the past? (Kind of makes you wonder.)

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And wait a second ... wasn't Peta choreographing Sean and Catherine's wedding dance as a gift to them? If she did wind up teaching them a few steps, then her not being invited to the bash is even more of a slap in the face.

Something's fishy here, people. Can you really come up with a better theory than Catherine being opposed to her being there? There's no way this one was Sean's call. He and Peta seemed super-close during his season of DWTS, so I'm guessing he'd want her at the wedding if it were up to him.

If Catherine really is having a bad case of jealousy, let's hope she gets it under control once she and Sean are hitched. If she can't contain herself, this marriage may be over before it even has a chance to get started.

Why do you think Peta was not invited?


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Sharon Auger

I believe that Peta was not invited because Sean and Catherine are both Christians and in a Christian life we have temptations too. I feel that the close rationships on that show might just be based in the sexual energy in the less than virgin dances. Sean hopefully saw this in his relationhip with Peta and knows that this type of friendship is counter to the principles his Christian life is based on. I think he decided all on his own that he wanted to limit things there. Or they may have talked it over as a couple which is a great start to a marriage. Ha!

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Honestly they probably just forgot.

This marriage probably won't work out anyway.

MamaKat Joyce

OH PULEEESE!!!  They are both jerks and Peta is lucky not to be invited to such a scam...this marriage will not last I can almost guarantee it!

Dania Elisse

let me guess 6 Months later Catherine decided she doesn't want Peta to be at her wedding because she's jealous? she didn't show any signs that she were during DWTS so why now? that's why i called BS! OH...unless Peta wouldn't stop calling her man after the show she seems a bit obsessed! even after the show they hung out at least two times they went to Peta's birthday party which was in July so i doubt she has anything against Peta! i still can't find where Peta says shes not invited! and NO Mary nothing happened between Sean and Peta i'm pretty sure Catherine would've kicked Sean to the curb if anything happened! hopefully we'll know the REAL reason for her NOT getting an invite from Sean and Catherine themselves

Dania Elisse

@Mamakat how are they jerks? and who are you to say their marriage will not last? remember we don't know anything yet Radar Online is full of lies! since she's the one herself said she didn't get an invite i think that part is true but not jealous one

nonmember avatar heidi

I think your right I think Catherine is jealous eben though nothing happens when shaw was on dancing with the stars.9 times out of ten the prfesional dancers are all bus ness and are not trying to hook up with any of other partners

Opal Jones

I think you are trying to stir up trouble. leave

it alone. They seem a happy couple

nonmember avatar Maryjane

Stop making up ridiculous stories. Sean and Cat were told they could invite 150 people. They both have tons of family and close friends. Peta is a friend but they have closer friends than her. Cat was never jealous of her. In fact they both became friends with Peta during DWTS. It's just a matter of numbers. Don't blow things out of proportion.

nonmember avatar Victorya

From the start, Peta has done all the tricks flirting Sean. Sean knows what Peta's intention before and try to stay away from her. It could be his decision not to invite her. Catherine has no say on this.

Adela Camarillo

i would say because both Catherine and Sean has big families, surely there's few casual friend's that they cannot invite?

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