Sounds Like Kim Kardashian's Sexy Post-Baby 'Us Weekly' Cover Is a Total Fake (PHOTO)

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kim kardashianBoy, do I feel stupid. Earlier on today, I wrote about how Kim Kardashian looks amazing in a bikini on her brand spankin' new Us Weekly cover. I believe I alluded to something along the lines of how the pics will "shut the haters up". In the photos, Kim does look gorgeous, glistening in her white bikini, frolicking on the sand, alongside the caption: "My Body Is Back!". But as it turns out, the pictures aren't exactly the real deal. According to Kim's people, the new mom never posed for the photos; they're likely paparazzi shots from when she was in Miami over Thanksgiving. And according to experts, the photos have been airbrushed to make Kim look thinner ... or even worse.

Fox News talked to various "experts" on the topic of celebrity airbrushing (not exactly sure what that entails), and here's what a few of them had to say:

I qualitatively think that it looks like they airbrushed the neck  -- not the head … she has a naturally small head -- which makes her head look 'off' and her hips. Also, her waist doesn’t look normal, especially compared to all of the other full body bikini photos of her.


I’d need to see the original higher definition image to say for sure if it’s a head transplant. The hair obviously matches her current look. I looked at a bunch of other Kim Kardashian bikini photos and didn’t see this same pose, however, it’s not uncommon to use old photos and substitute them for new. She has often been shot before in white bikinis. I’d also say that I’ve noticed Kim’s head is noticeably small for her body. Some people have bigger heads, some have smaller heads, and Kim’s is clearly smaller. Make of that what you will.


I don't think that is someone else's body with her head on it, but it does look heavily retouched.

What the crap?! This might not even be Kim's current body?! I feel so ... used. I bought the authenticity of this Us Weekly cover, hook, line, and sinker -- and sang Kardashian's praises! -- but now that I'm taking a closer look, her head does look a little bit small compared to the rest of her body. Take a look; don't you agree? But, they wouldn't do that ... would they?

The only way for Kim to take matters into her own hands, and silence everyone once and for all, is to post a bikini shot of her own to Instagram. Although, wait, you can edit photos on there, too, can't you?! Gah! Guess we'll never know what Kim really looks like, unless, you know, we see her for ourselves at the beach. And that'll probably happen, right? So, until then, I suppose we just go on wondering and wasting more of our lives thinking about the Kardashian.

Jesus. Even when she loses, she wins.

Do you think this cover is fake?


Image via Us Weekly



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erlar... erlark2012

Her head definitely looks too small.

adamat34 adamat34

And this is a shock to who?

Everything about her is fake.

nonmember avatar Cookster

We all knew this pic was not real. How stupid
do you think we are. Everything about her is fake and we all know it.

Keisha Wise

Her neck looks freaky.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Anyone who looks up to Kim is a fool.  I cannot fathom why anyone gives her or her bed buddy press time.  Two gross, sick/disgusting individuals.

Mark Cox

i give nicole credit for standing up and admitting she was wrong

hello... hellokd87

I thought her facial expression didn't look natural. Like she's sucking it in or surprised at something. Either way she still is gorgeous no matter what the haters say!! They're just jealous housewives who probably still wear Jordache jeans & keds.

Laura Blake Worthington

Go watch South Park's episode from last night. Oh so timely and hilarious. I do like Kim, but it's still a funny episode.

nonmember avatar JenniferLynn

She needs to STOP with the Botox or whatever it is she is doing to her top lip-area! She was so breathtakingly gorgeous naturally and now she looking like every other fake plastic and botoxed blonde housewife in Hollywood CA. Her "abs" are most definitely airbrushed & poorly so, they're uneven. She looks great and should be proud either way but I guess she's much too vain for that. She, like her mother, puts vanity above all else; the aesthetic results of age/ pregnancy is not something acceptable to her and she will avoid it at all ranges any way possible. It's sad what Hollywood does to people, ruined.

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