Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Attend Same Concert But Don't Even Say 'Hi'

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Khloe KardashianHmmm. Wow. Things are getting tres weird with Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. I mean, I guess we've known they've been weird for awhile. But occasionally you hear about them being spotted together and it seems like there's hope. But now seems to come confirmation (if you can believe what a source tells US Weekly) that they've moved onto the dreaded silent treatment stage. The pair were reportedly both spotted at a recent Jay-Z concert ... but they never even acknowledged each other's presence. C'mon, kids. You're married! And, uh, you used to have a reality show together!

The source says the pair watched the show separately -- Lamar with his friends, and Khloe with without him or his friends. The source says they never interacted at all. Maybe they were texting the whole time?

Anyway, it's definitely not a good sign when you go to the same venue, and don't even talk to your husband. I don't think anyone can blame Khloe though. Lord knows that girl has hung in there through a boatload of ill-advised behavior on Lamar's part.

All of this makes you wonder just why they haven't filed for divorce yet. My guess is Lamar is waiting for Khloe to make the first move. Women tend to file for divorce more than men. But no one ever says that perhaps the women were driven to it. Seriously, there is only so much a gal can take, fellas.

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Unfortunately, this often leaves the woman feeling guilty. And everyone looking down on her for being the one to give up. But no one is going to do that with Khloe, because everyone knows she's been through tough times with Lamar and hung in there longer than most women would.

But this is definitely not a good sign. Or maybe it is. Maybe it's a good sign for Khloe. Maybe it says that her tolerance level is definitely not what it used to be. And maybe that is for the best.

Do you think she should just file already?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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Tina Davis

Staples Center is a big arena. If he was in a sky box and she was on the floor in VIP, they probably didn't cross paths to interact.

nonmember avatar rita matthew

Seperating is not the best,khloe and lamar should work things out,and come together again as husband and wife.

nonmember avatar sarah

None of us really knows what is going on between them, but I do think if they want to woek it out or get divorced then that is no ones bussiness but theirs. I wish them both luck

nonmember avatar pammy castagna

I wish u never fell for him,poor girl,it was beautiful,move on ;)

nonmember avatar Vanessa julia T

She looks gorgeous in this picture ""<3 it

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