'50 Shades of Grey' Insider Spills Juicy Details of First Day on Set

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50 Shades of Grey filming Dakota Johnson and Jamie DornanNow that filming is underway for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, all eyes are on Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. First, fans of the hit books were up in arms about Dakota's makeover as Anastasia. Then the world went wild over photos of the Fifty Shades couple's first kiss. Now, details are coming out about the first scene of Fifty Shades of Grey, and let me tell you, it all sounds like pure perfection. 

According to an insider, it took nearly 200 cast and crew members to shoot the film's first scene where Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele get to know each other inside a coffee shop. Apparently Dornan and Johnson had really "good energy" and were in great spirits.

Good energy? Well shoot, I'd hope so!

Other insider info we know about the first shoot? Everyone seemed "really happy" yet "nervous." Oh, and throughout the day, 44 different lattes were placed between Christian and Anastasia to make sure each shot was absolutely perfect. Ha! That's a nice bit of espresso, eh?

I think it's safe to say that all Fifty Shades of Grey fans were a little nervous about the future of the movie after the casting shakeup with Charlie Hunnam. However, between the "good energy" between Dakota and Jamie and the fabulous list of actors joining in on the movie -- I think it's safe to say that we'll be wowed when Valentine's Day 2015 comes around. Bring on the handcuffs, people!

What scene from the book are you looking forward to seeing on screen?


Image via Pacific Coast News


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nonmember avatar Guest

I think you are delusional if you think this is going to be a good movie. The only cast member they got right is "Taylor"....the rest are pathetic.

Sarah Jones

in the red room of pain....

Alison Ellis

These people who constantly whine about the cast need to get a life either get over it and accept or shut up!!!!!

nonmember avatar Mandy

Be open-mined. Give it a chance. I think Dakota has an innocent face so intrested to see her take on Ana role. Lets see what Jamie's going to bring to the table...

لطيف نجمة

Crap of Book!  And the movie will be worse!!! And i'm not talking about the explixit scenes, all the book it's stupid! Jamie is gorgeous! Dakota is sweet!, but with real Good Acting career? they are doing this movie for fame, the book is a worldwide novel (eventhough is not a good one) but people are expecting to see the movie thinking it as the book, so the cast thinks is going to be a succes just like the book! 


Beth Zahand Readd

to surprised that a guest with no name would post something negative. I am anxious for all of the scenes but can't wait to see the scene where Christian falls on the floor and becomes submissive.

Rahul Kaushik

I am waiting for all the scenes where they show real life Seattle or Portland and the Escala with all the cars and the grand piano and the playroom. Every f**king scene.

Georgia Gourlonis

I hope every scene of the book is in the film,or else the movie will be a succes!!!!!!

nonmember avatar brandy

They aren't even hot yall r stuoid

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