Kim Kardashian Defends Her Right to Be a Scrooge With eBay Charity Auctions

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kim kardashianRemember when Kim Kardashian did that charity clothing sale on eBay -- in which she donated a whopping 10 percent of the proceeds to typhoon victims in the Philippines? And we were all, 10 percent?!? Why did she even bother? Well, you guys hurt Kim's feelings. Now Kim Kardashian is defending her 10 percent donation, you ingrates, you. Because! When you do an eBay auction, there's all these fees that eat up the proceeds, and she's left with almost nothing, practically birdseed, which she willingly donates to the needy out of the goodness of her heart. HER HEART! Which we are breaking with these cruel accusations of greed.

But listen, haters, this wasn't a one-time act of charity for her. Kim says she donates 10 percent of all her income.

So for people to attack me for giving 10% of my eBay auction sales to the people of the Philippines, that hurts. I do eBay auctions monthly and change the charity or church from time to time. I give 10% of all my earnings to charities, not just these eBay auctions.

And by the way, here's how the math for those eBay auction sales breaks down.

When the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all of their hard work, then eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc., all add up to about half of the sale. Then I give 10% to a charity.

Okay, but that still leaves 40 percent.

Am I nitpicking at this point? I'm actually impressed that Kim donates 10 percent of her earnings. That's a lot more than many other people in her income bracket donate, to tell you the truth. So respect to Kim for doing her part. I'm sure it really adds up.

As for these eBay sales ... I don't know. I mean, that 10 percent probably adds up, too. And they're her clothes so she can do whatever she wants to with them. Why wouldn't she want to sell off barely used designer clothing? I'm sure the way she sees it, that 10 percent to charity is just the icing on the cake.

I just think it's important to be open and transparent about where the money is going when it comes to charity sales. Just like you'd want to check out a nonprofit's financials before sending them money (how much of it is spent on providing a service vs. going into things like marketing and paid staff), if you're buying something from a charity sale, you should probably find out what percentage is going to the actual charity. And by the way, on Kim's auction page, where it says, "A percentage of the proceeds from Kim's auctions benefit the International Medical Corps," there should be a "10 percent" in place of "a percentage." Is anyone still reading this post or did you click away when you found out I'm not all outraged over this? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

Whatever. So now we all know: Buy a dress from Kim Kardashian and only 10 percent of your money is going to charity. But also? Now you have a fancy dress. It's compromise charity for people who love stuff.

Seriously, if you really care about helping people in the Philippines, send a cash donation to Doctors Without Borders or UNICEF instead. As Kim says, "Giving comes from the heart. We all need to be reminded of this as we celebrate the holiday season this year." Giving comes from the heart and also from Kim's closet.

Do you think Kim's justification for her eBay auction works or should she have given more?


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Ashle... AshleyB1984

People should stop complaining. That 10% is probably a lot more than most people give.

wamom223 wamom223

I think its disgusting to complain personally.  She doesn't have to give anything and she never said all would be going to charity.  One thing about the Kardashian's is that they do give to charity and a lot more than other celebrities.  When Arsenio Hall was on the Apprentice he could only get 5k a piece from Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy so I don't know why everyone is jumping on her.  No matter what though it sounds like there is no group of people that do more for charity than Country music.  Those people give and give big!!

Zak Cooper

You've gotta be kidding, I can't believe people are shaming her for donating. Most people won't even give a dollar to those in need, and here's someone selling her things to donate, she may be rich, but it's her decision, and she's trying to make a positive impact. Who cares how much it is, I'm sure the people in the phillipines don't care that it's only 10%

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

It's called a tax break...and they ALL do it.  Are you people morons?

nonmember avatar Sarah

I am by no means a fan of the Kardashians but I don't think we can fault her for giving any percentage be it 10 or 100 to a charity. I don't think it was billed as a charity auction was it? Wasn't it just an eBay auction to sell her things? So if I put a bunch of my stuff on eBay am I going to get crap if I don't give all the money I make from selling it to charity? The fact that she regularly gives 10% of her income to charity is admirable. Kim does a lot of things wrong but when she does something right why can't we just appreciate that.

Stephanie Forrette

People need to shut the fuck up. Just because a person makes millions of dollars a year doesn't mean she should be obligated to donate a ton of money to charities. If you or I were to sell stuff on Ebay and we only donated 10% it'd be fine but because she is rich it isn't? I think it's bullshit. Whatever someone donates is appreciated.. doesn't matter if it's 10 or 50%. Just because she is rich doesn't mean she is obligated to do more.. it's called a donation for a reason. Also, just because she is rich doesn't mean she doesn't have bills or a budget. Maybe she really can only afford to give that much. Get over it. She is entitled to sell her stuff on Ebay and keep ALL the money if she wanted.

Natas... Natasha_Swagger

I think if people are going to get so pissed that shes "only" giving 10% to charity... then why dont they cough up the other 90% to make it 100... yeah.. didnt think so!

nonmember avatar May

honestly why bother complaining.. she doesn't actually have to give any of her earnings to anyone or anything? and to be honest its a lot more than most of you are giving at all..

nonmember avatar phupho gumede

Seriously stop it guys. I mean like always complaining about what Kim has done which you think its wrong. Kim don worry and remember you can never loose someone who was like never a fan. Phupho Gumede Kardashian on twitter @phuphokardash

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