Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Haven’t Seen Each Other 'For Months'

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Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonSo you know how there's been all this drama over the past few months that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been rekindling their romance, igniting passionate flames, and making Twilight fans everywhere squeal with excitement? Well, I have some potential bad news, and I'm sorry. Now reports are saying that Kristen and Rob haven't seen each other in months. Yup. That means no Thanksgiving meal cooked ever-so-perfectly by KStew. No fight over upcoming holiday plans in Christmas versus Los Angeles. And most CERTAINLY Kristen has not been patient with Rob while he "hides their relationship." Well, that is, if the latest reports are true.

According to E!, the couple did see each other in October, but that's it. Nothing since. And it gets even worse (well, if you're a Robsten fan) -- apparently the meeting was entirely platonic.

Am I surprised? To be honest, not really. I mean -- it's so easy to make up these rumors when there is fuel to the fire, and there is most definitely a whole slew of people who go gaga over the Robsten romance. With that said, though, it's about time we all take a step back and let them do their thing. Think about it. That's a LOT of rumors in the rumor mill that could potentially be, well, garbage.

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Anyway. Since neither Rob nor Kristen's reps have come out to deny any of the rumors, it can either mean that a) they do talk still and don't really mind the extra fuss about it or b) neither party really gives a flying hoot what the media says. Personally, I'm gonna go with option B.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will ever be happily back together, or would you rather see them both date other people?

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nonmember avatar Cara

You guys are so weirdly obsessed with these two. Get a hobby that doesn't involve them. It's weird.

nonmember avatar Anner

You know, who cares? Would you people get over your fascination with these two already?

Lucy Exarhopoulos

We will be very happy to see them back together.

TRaven60 TRaven60

I love the tabloid slander mags quoting E Online about how Rob and Kristen haven't seen each other in months...did you see where E Online reported that Kristen is in Paris tonight?  Really she's in Dallas Texas but E couldn't be bothered to check the facts before spouting off their crap.  And you belive them...LMAO

Helen Roberts

Yes they will get back together if people just leave them alone to sort out their lives.

I just wish someone would come out and say the truth and not all this guess work.

I am sure when they are ready they will tell people lets hope so. xxx

angel... angelique122


Donna Nota-Barrows

Hope Rob moves on. He will never be able to trust her and you cannot have a relationship with out trust. Not one that is worth having anyway.

Dixie Jewel

Rob has moved on.... 8 months and they have been seen with every one but each other!  

Rosa L Jacobs

you know these two are famous people why would you want to be in their personal business would you want people in your personal business i don't think so. So why don't everyone just leave them alone and if they are together great if they are not so what

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