Original 'Teen Mom' Cast Coming Back to TV? Yes, Please!


MTV Teen MomOn the heels of MTV's announcement that Teen Mom 3 has officially been cancelled, it seems the Teen Mom fans may have something else to get excited about. In a recent Keek video, Farrah Abraham (who, um, is wearing some INTENSE eyelashes) alludes that she's working hard late at night filming. Considering Abraham's past, of course my first thought was another scandalous video. But THEN she says that fans will be excited to see her daughter Sophia and how much she's grown.

So ... is Farrah being coy about filming Teen Mom again? As in ... could the ORIGINAL Teen Mom cast be getting back together in front of the cameras?

Heck, a lady can hope -- right?

Okay, so MTV has yet to comment on the news, but there are reports out that the original gang is likely to get their own hour-long special set to air sometime in 2014. It makes sense, doesn't it? I mean -- considering how much of a major success Maci Bookout's spin-off Being Maci was, it's natural for MTV to want to give fans more of the good stuff.

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Especially now that Teen Mom 3 is on the outs, something tells me that if this special does happen and it goes well, fans may see a whole lot more of Catelynn, Farrah, Maci, and Amber in the months to follow.

Do you want to see the cast of the original Teen Mom series get back together? Who are you most interested in?


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Alicia Rebecca Brown

Would most DEF love to see the teen mom 2 crew back on air! The teen mom three is just super boring!

Patti Otis

Can not wait to see this again :)

Krystian Kaufold

Wish they would leave Caitlyn off the damn TV

nonmember avatar Candise

I would love to see them. I am intrigued by Macy I understand how she takes care of so many children a have 5 children and I am only 25 so I know what it feels like to have to grow up so fast. I love u Macy but not like that just as a mother

nonmember avatar cindy

Most definitely, I can't wait to see all of them back. I love all of them, and I am thrilled, excited, and ready to watch my favorite teen moms.

nonmember avatar Alycia

I agree with people teen mom 3 was defintely boring...I am so into the original teen moms & teen mom 2...I do hope they bring back teen mom 1 after this season of teen mom 2 is over...I did just see previews for mtv that on Sun 2/23/14 farrah, catelyn & amber plus maci each have an hour show about them starting at 8pm...please bring them back in there show & still keep teen mom 2 dont add any other ones!!!

nonmember avatar Dawn

Heck yes

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